You Can Hike Among Alpacas and Kayak Surrounded by Dolphins at This Magical New Zealand Lodge

February 3, 2020

When you arrive at Helena Bay Lodge, a secluded refuge in the North Island of New Zealand, there are a lot of lovely people who will pay tribute to you – the resort has 54 employees, even if the largest number of guests is only 10 people. But this is a non-human resident that will make you feel particularly welcome.

As our guide shouted, we were standing in the rolling green hills overlooking the bay, sending out a group of fuzzy alpacas running to meet us, their curved teeth forming a stupid smile. We are visiting the farm on the farm, where cattle, goats and pigs are planted, and the resident dog takes his puppy protégé around in a golf cart and looks at 800 acres of land.

At any time of the year, the number of animals exceeds that of people, but we have to take care of it: now in May, the hotel is preparing to close this season, leaving us the only guest. There are only five spacious beachfront suites in total, which means that even during peak seasons, you may find sea monsters on the terrace instead of meeting other guests. If you spend more time than the natural beauty of the Saki time and the friendly farm animals, there is nothing more relaxing than this, I have not experienced it.

Guests usually spend a few days hiking trails, kayaking, playing tennis, swimming or fishing in Helena Bay. It is a good idea to do a lot of activities, as Michele Martino, the chef of the Italian Michelin-starred restaurant Ristorante Don Alfonso 1890, keeps the fresh pasta and wine flowing.

Martino will take you to his lush garden full of herbs and vegetables, carrying scissors and baskets so that he can choose the ingredients for the next feast. He will host a cooking show for cooking, or let you sip a citrus-flavored New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc by the fire, while he prepares a multi-course freshly caught seafood or beef.

We stayed in Helena Bay for only four days, which was definitely a short trip from Los Angeles to the entire planet – but the experience was so revolving around the revival that we felt it took less than a few hours. Kind of influence.

In the morning, starting with a glass of pure white wine, listening to the waves on the shore, the day is full of movement and sunshine, and the night is over in a huge bathtub, it is almost impossible to not relax. However, Mother Nature will do everything in its power to stop Helena Bay from becoming a sleepy spa resort – the magic of the North will free you from the happiness that the fresh air causes, just when you least expect it.

We went out for a boat trip, enjoying the scenery, and suddenly there was a vibrant rainbow overhead. At the same time, as if hinted, the two dolphins snorted from the water and began swimming with us. This is not the first trip, we feel like we are pinching ourselves, not the last time.

Whether you are on a honeymoon trip, a family reunion or just a rejuvenating one-way trip, you can be sure of one thing: when you get back to the stress of everyday life and be reminded to close your eyes and think of your life When, “Happiness Place”, you will always imagine the rainbow sky, the green hills and the friendly and fuzzy faces of Helena Bay.