Yankees Deliver Message Lineup Is Whole And Dangerous

October 1, 2019

Throughout the long, hot summer, people promise that a night like this will wait for the Yankees on the other side in the fall. Every night, Aaron Boone fills in a lineup list card that is created by imagination, as much creativity as possible, filled with fresh names, fills, irregularities, and substitutes.

There is no doubt that this is fascinating because the Yankees won in the first few weeks of the season, no matter how Boone made the batter, no matter whether the name is familiar to him, as if he was looking for The same as the outside players. City phone book. They continue to win and win, which became the mantra of the year, seeing 30 different players making a total of 39 trips to the injured list: the next person, and so on.

Still, there is always hope that the entire college team will be together.

This is: a lineup of 1 to 9, including the team’s 9 best players. This form of lineup returned to Tampa during the spring, and Boone thought he could use 100 to 110 times this year. Maybe he didn’t know that Gio Urshela would be a powerful alternative to the third-placed Miguel Andujar and could even upgrade. He did not know in April whether Edwin Encarnacion would join the party. That was a surprise.

Finally, on Friday, Boone must write the first nine names on his depth map. And, God, it’s better.

The final was 10-4 in the first game of the US League Divisional Series. The Yankees did not defeat the twins. Instead, they broke the twins, waited for the exit, and finally overwhelmed them. After wave after wave, one after another, One game after another. The twins lead 2-0, which feels as short as Kardashian’s marriage. Yes.

“When we were together,” Brett Gardner said, “That’s a very rich lineup.”

The Yankees stepped up and shuffled the twins with dust, and in the end they were all dusty, like the old friend of Charlie Brown. October is already very interesting here. Now, the Yankees seem to be taking a higher step than we think. Once, they feel complete.

Once, they feel complete.

Boone said: “This is amazing.” “I think we got good luck here last month. In most cases, I think Giancarlo [Stanton] can return to its original state and everything goes well. Ed When Edwin has questions this week, can he overcome the final difficulties and feel comfortable for himself?

“So it’s a good thing to load a bucket with almost a bucket, you know?”

Did the Yankees spend a few rounds to get used to the playoffs and it feel like they can do whatever they want. Of course, DJ LeMahieu has 3 hot songs and 4 RBIs, because he is doing it all year round, which is a reliable anchor in the uncertain lagoon. Gleyber Torres last opened the game because he has quickly become a Yankees, and his opponents least want to see Americans when the game is over.

Gardner? Perhaps in Tampa’s main blueprint, he was a late substitute for defense, and Aaron Hicks was praised in the midfield. But what Gardner did, in what many people think is a victory for the Yankees this season, has become the emotional fusion of his entire show, the original barbarian. He hit 28 home runs this year, up seven times from his previous career. He played another Friday, and most of the things that happened on the first night of the playoffs were the most satisfying for the 49,233 people in the stadium.

They have many choices. Aaron Judge didn’t make a home run, but he made a two-time mistake and played two wonderful games in the right position. Encarnacion destroyed twice as much as the previous two trips and looked like it was rare throughout the month of October. Even Stanton avoided a good mood and took three steps.

Pitching? James Paxton was not bad in the first round of the playoffs. The team of rescuers behind him was not bad, even if it was confusing why Arrodia Chapman led the ninth with a six-game losing streak. Still, it says: If this is the Yankees lineup that regularly provides services to them in the next few weeks, there will be no complaints.

Still others. After a long and hot summer, a sunny and cold night in October, the Yankees Yankees were finally concentrated in one place. It is definitely worth a look.