Woman Gave Birth to Twins, 11 Weeks Apart

October 21, 2019

When Lilliya Konovalova was pregnant with twins, she did not expect to give birth twice. But the 29-year-old child living in northern Kazakhstan has been admitted twice – once in May, because of the birth of her daughter, and the birth of her son earlier this month.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, “My son is not eager to go to the world,” Konovalova said.

The twins were born 11 weeks apart. Such long intervals between twins are rare, but not unheard of. (World record – twins born 87 days apart – was established in 2012). But this is not just a separate birthday that separates the twins – in fact everyone is born in a separate uterus.

That’s because Konovalova has a condition called uterine dialelphys, which actually means she has a double uterus.

Uterine dialelphys are surprisingly common – one out of every 2,000 women has it. This happens in the early stages of development, when two tubes in all female fetuses usually fuse into one uterus instead of developing into two separate uteruses. But Scientific Americans report that the possibility of pregnancy like Konovalova is that each baby has little chance of developing in his or her uterus – only one in a million.

A similar pregnancy has been documented. In 2009, a woman from Michigan and a uterus didelphys gave birth to two baby girls, one for each. In 2014, a British woman with the same condition gave birth to triplets, two of whom shared a uterus, one of whom had her own uterus.

But none of these recorded cases were babies born on different occasions. This means that Konovalova’s pregnancy is rare in two ways.

Occasionally, after sending a pair of twins, the contraction of the woman will fade. According to the “Washington Post”, sometimes, when the first twins are very premature, the doctor will let the second fetus be bred in the mother’s womb until near the full term. This is what happened to Konovalova. When her daughter Leah was born, Konovalova was pregnant for only 25 weeks – almost no threshold beyond the survival of the baby outside the mother. When her son Maxim was born, he developed much longer in the womb.

Konovalova and her twins are very healthy and ready to leave the hospital like a family.