Winter Weather Is Headed for the Northeast This Week, and There Could Be Snow

February 2, 2020

Another area in the United States may start their informal activities this winter.

After the cold weather in the Midwest in early Canada, the Ohio Valley and parts of the Northeast are expected to snow on Thursday. But it is unlikely to cause snow.

The weather channel said: “A thin snow strip, possibly mixed with drizzle, may extend from the middle of the Mississippi Valley to the Ohio Valley and northeast.”

Although it is still too early to predict how much it will accumulate, if there is accumulation, it is likely to be on the lighter side of the East Coast, because the temperature will not fall below freezing, but Buffalo, New York and Cincinnati, Ohio. The weather is expected to be 23 to 26 degrees.

At the same time, rain and thunderstorms may occur in the desert plains and southwestern deserts on Wednesday.

Although winter weather conditions are always likely to affect travel plans, it appears that snowfall does not cause any major travel delays across the country.

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