Why You Should Take Some Time for Near Autumn Reflection

August 26, 2019

Whether you feel the anxiety of going back to school time, hanging around the pool for a few weeks, or counting down until you can rationalize the lighting of pumpkin spice candles, it’s important to take some time to reflect on the end of the summer. With the swimsuit, the tanning and sweet holiday season is coming to an end, your sunshine may be like this. If you are particularly affected by weather and seasonal changes, you can help yourself by transitioning from summer to intentional processes.

Lost feeling?
The end of summer is definitely a disappointment full of mixed emotions. If you get an increase in mood from the extra vitamin D or work for a while, the end of the summer may cause a feeling of loss. If summer brings more good times with friends and family, especially because of the long time, the end of summer may be bittersweet. Maybe summer brings some interesting memories of the past summer, or it includes creating beautiful new memories. As the sun fades, these memories and the positive emotions associated with them will disappear. It is helpful to do some reflection on the feelings that arise when the summer fades.

Missing vitamin D?
The effect of vitamin D on your health is significant. About 50% of the world’s population lacks vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, thereby building and maintaining healthy bones. Studies have shown that this important low vitamin level is associated with depression and seasonal affective disorder and is more prevalent in winter. Vitamin D is most often obtained by conventional sun exposure and is more easily available during the summer months. Vitamin D is rarely found in foods, except for some fortified milk, grains and fish, and should be consulted by health care professionals to supplement the sun. So what kind of energy and light bursts you might have experienced this summer? That is your body to enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D!

Happy summer end?
Or maybe you are very happy! Finally, the summer is over! No longer FOMO (fear of missing)! Finally there is no more boring beach day. No more social barbecue obligations. Are you looking forward to watching a movie (during the day!) and reading the sofa under the blanket (so comfortable!)? Then you definitely have to think about how your summer is going and what you are most looking forward to in the coming seasons.

What is self-reflection?
Self-reflection is very important. Self-reflection can be understood as thinking or meditation about your behavior, beliefs and motivations. Knowing your true essence or essence is the inner desire in your heart. When conducting research in a healthcare environment, the benefits of personal reflection include improving an individual’s ability to make progress and improve motivation during his or her career.

5 steps to show your dream life

Check in yourself
Some people regularly check their dreams and goals. Some people take treatment, receive counseling, or participate in a guided group that targets individual investigations. Others have experienced the lives of most adults, but have not considered how their thoughts, behaviors and patterns affect their lives and the lives of others. Rethinking at the end of your summer experience is especially important as it can be a lesson that can lead to a lifestyle that will affect your future season, the rest of the year and next summer.

Need courage
Self-investigation requires courage. If you choose to delve into the “why” and “why” about your inclinations and emotional experiences, it is best to prepare for potential turmoil in the summer or in any other area of ​​your life. As you study your life, your career, relationships, general happiness and spirituality, you may find it now time to move forward from people, places and patterns and gain new perspectives on things. Transformation requires courage. Looking inward, known as svadyaya in the philosophy of yoga, is a lifelong healing process. When you embark on a journey of summer thinking, end up with a slight or dramatic impact on your changes.

Personal reflection of seasonal changes
There are several ways to practice personal reflection. The USC Sol Price School of Public Policy has proposed three steps for personal reflection on leadership. Here, they are reimagined as seasonal reflections. This process can be used for personal exploration at any time, although its design is particularly effective during seasonal changes.

  1. Identify important issues: Consider several key areas that you can query and investigate in your life. Think about what happiness this summer brings to you, what challenges you have, what may help stimulate growth, and what time it may be. At the end of summer reflections, there are some questions worth considering.

What is your favorite thing about summer?
Summer is coming to an end, how do you feel?
What is the best thing you have encountered this summer?
What challenges do you have this summer?
Have you encountered any new advantages or disadvantages?
If you can go back this summer, what will you change?
What do you know about yourself this summer?
How is this summer different from the past summer?
What course do you want to take or takeaway into the fall?
Do you want to make some health, body or food related changes for the next season?
What career, interpersonal or family life do you want to do for the next season?

  1. Choose a method: There are many ways to practice self-exploration. Fortunately, there is no wrong choice, and any method you choose will serve your journey of self-discovery. Looking back on summer, consider the following health options.

Journal: Take some time to answer the question “Identify important issues” in a reflective journal. You can write notes on paper, on your computer, or even on your phone. Many of these tips can lead to personal insights and promote recovery. Diaries can help control anxiety, reduce stress, respond to depression, and improve mood.
Meditate: meditate quietly for a while. You can think about “Identifying important issues” in Step 1. Or you may just need to hold your breath for 20 minutes to see what happens. Meditation can help lower high blood pressure; relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia; and relieve pain.
Party: Get together with a group of friends to celebrate the end of summer. Whether you are eating together or attending an event, consider sharing your summer photos or stories in turn. Social connections are vital to happiness, good for your health and well-being, helping you to extend your life, help you succeed, and improve your life satisfaction.
Retreat: If you have a few days or a week dedicated to personal growth and self-reflection, consider taking a retreat specifically for this internal work. The Chopra Center offers a variety of personal growth retreat services for those interested in transformation and personal development.

  1. Schedule your time: Set aside some special time to reflect on your summer. Choose a specific time for this reflection period, such as a day of the week or a ceremony evening. Your morning practice may be the best time to explore yourself in the summer! Or reserve a night turn inside and try the reflection method you choose. Set your space to be attractive and sacred during your scheduled self-reflection: create an altar with photos, figurines and relics in summer adventures; light incense and a candle; and soften ,soothing music.

So, summer is coming to an end. I hope that you can enjoy the last evening sunset and good times with friends and family. Maybe you are immersed in the sun and enjoy the moment. Or rejoice in the long hot weather and look forward to the coming autumn! Understanding the meaning of self-reflection will help you complete this season and prepare for the next season.

This is your official invitation and it takes some time to review the summer adventures, experiences, experiences and challenges with compassion and interest. There will definitely be some time to reflect, but make sure you don’t waste these last summers unnecessarily because of regret or fear. Let your reflection time be your own learning experience and be guided by enthusiasm and growth mentality. Here’s all of this and everything in the future.