Where to Go in Jamaica 5 Amazing Spots to Fully Relax

July 4, 2019

Jamaica is a paradise for the eternal summer of the Caribbean. Exotic natural beauty and different cultures that trigger reggae music style, so you can rest, relax, forget problems and worry.

Jamaica’s sunny, hospitable resort is known for its modern infrastructure, beautiful beach area and any budget hotel. In addition, an important factor is the availability of good roads, which will make your travels brighter with the help of island car rentals. Feel free to go anywhere, as there are several resorts on Green Island. To choose one, check the following information about them…

Port of Antonio
One of Jamaica’s main resorts is located in the Rio Grande Valley. The picturesque cliffs and fast trends attract fans of outdoor activities. Rafting along the river is included in the list of popular tours on the island.

Surrounded by pristine natural jungles, the beautiful Somerset and Ridge Falls waterfalls bring pure fresh water directly into the ocean.

You can feel the coolness of the famous blue lagoon, where water changes color depending on the sun. The city has an ultra-modern Crystal Springs resort with the world’s most expensive marina. Take a stroll along the streets of Port Antonio and admire the colonial-built mansions.

The place of residence can be a luxury hotel such as the Art-Gallery Jamaica Palace, as well as family hotels and cottages. Shopping fans offer supermarkets, boutiques, markets, souvenir shops and a large number of duty-free shopping areas.

Montego Bay
In the northwestern part of the island, you will find Montego Bay, the second largest city in Jamaica. It is the center of a large resort area where 50% of hotels, entertainment centers, restaurants and nightclubs are concentrated. The resort’s best private beaches are Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach. The city has many old mansions – the Rose Hall, Greenwood, surrounded by vast exotic cultural plantations and the best golf courses.

Drift along the Black River and the Martha Brae River, hike in the Blue Mountains, dive, surf and explore the city’s unique attractions to form the resort’s vacation plans.

The town’s resort area includes 11 km of snow-white beaches. It has long been a popular holiday destination for diving and nightlife.

The resort is growing fast – now there are restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs, and modern hotels are filled with streets and town streets.

Negril’s recreation area is conditionally divided into two parts: the seven-mile beach and the western end, located between the stone cliffs. Fans of extreme sports like jumping usually come here. Along the coast of the Caribbean, there is a coral reef that forms a comfortable lagoon. It is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

The slender coconut tree alleys complement the beautiful landscape of the beach area. According to local law, the height of a modern hotel cannot exceed the height of the local palm trees. Admire the views of the resort from the heights of the Negril Lighthouse. There are mysterious caves not far away, which has caused special interest from divers.

White House Bay
The resort is perfect for those who prefer a quiet and romantic getaway. The Sandals Whitehouse Hotel is the perfect place for couples. Built in the style of a Caribbean village, it has the largest swimming pool on the island. Turquoise waves, white sand beaches, clean sand, and pristine rainforest create a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.

It is a good thing to explore the underwater kingdom in the clear waters and enjoy snorkeling. The resort is located in the Westmoreland parish, where ancient Indians lived in protected caves, where Christopher Columbus lived during the second expedition. Familiarity with the island’s history will complement the resort’s stunning beach entertainment experience.

Ocho Rios
The territory of a small fishing village has become a popular tourist centre on the island. On three sides, a small town is surrounded by hillsides. The silvery water falls from their height, inviting them to where they were born – to the top of the rock. All holidaymakers will travel to the most beautiful Dunn River waterfall at a height of 182 metres.

The award is an amazing setting, a blooming hibiscus green city and bright exotic plants. In another place you can enjoy the same beauty – Murphy Mountain. This is the highest point in the northern part of the island. At any time of the year, resort guests can swim, dive, yacht and water ski.