Ways Music Can Heal and Transform

November 14, 2019

So how does music affect you and how can you harness the healing and transformative potential of music?

According to Vedanta, the entire universe is a vibrating field. Every object, person, building, tree, mountain or planet is a vibration in a huge energy ocean. Nature is vibration. You are vibrating. The universe is vibration. Again, your thoughts and words are vibrations in the realm of consciousness. Each object or idea vibrates at a different frequency, creating harmony or disharmony in the local field. The music of course also vibrates and oscillates at different frequencies.

Therefore, the music you listen to can help create a harmonious and sympathetic vibration, and can also help create chaotic and chaotic vibrations. Coherent, coordinated vibrations can promote physical and mental recovery, balance and tranquility. Similarly, loud, harsh or harsh music can lead to physical imbalances and mental turmoil. In the Vedic teachings, the science of sound and music influence is called Gandharva Veda. Through this exercise, natural music will restore your balance of mind and body. Using specific music or melodies can enhance the consistency of vibrations, help with recovery and help solve problems.

in practice:
Choose your music consciously based on its vibration quality. It tends to soothe and calm choices to help you settle your mind and balance your body. Avoid using rough or uncoordinated parts, especially if you are tired or sick.
Explore a variety of Ayurvedic or Gandawa music and pay attention to their influence on your body and mind.
Try meditation bells or Tibetan singing bowls to make sound and vibration resonate throughout your body. Pay attention to their impact on your consciousness.

Rhythm is the basic quality of life. The rhythm is everywhere. Common examples include:

Beat your heart
Breathing faster
Wave crash on the shore
Circulating wind blowing through the woods
In addition, there are more dark and dark rhythms, seasonal changes and physiological cycles hidden in the body. Take advantage of these rhythms to keep your mind and body system in sync with nature. When you are too far from these rhythms, there may be an imbalance.

Music is a powerful way to deepen your rhythm connection. Whether it is through the tribal odes or inspirations, drumming or dancing beats and percussion can help to adapt your consciousness to the original rhythm of the universe. This process is called entrainment, which is the synchronization of your body and mind with external beats or pulses.

A strong driving rhythm can have a major impact on your awareness. It can move you from the flow of thought to the extended state of consciousness, allowing you to perceive the world in different ways. When you hang in the current rhythm pattern and see your soul, the thoughts of the past or the future fade away from the background.

in practice:
Get a record of the tribe’s chanting. Try adjusting the bass so you can feel the beat of your body. Let the rhythm wash for you and pay attention to the feelings generated inside.
Participate in the drum circle. Get rid of any specific results, then simply play the game and lose yourself. When your instrument’s beats blend into the many beats in the entire group, you will feel your own beat.

  1. Associative memory
    Music has powerful features that can mark memories or highly emotional experiences in your mind. You may recall past songs or music to evoke specific memories or feelings. It seems that music has left an image and sensory mark from this experience. When you play it now, it triggers a series of powerful associations that can be as real as the original experience.

Although humans tend to recall experiences that are associated with strong emotions, music is often the “background noise” of many activities, so music is usually fixed at the time, place, and experience that was first heard. Consider how to listen to playlists of popular songs from high school, just like riding a time machine. Your consciousness is immediately transferred to that period, and your mind is full of memories.

In a similar way, earlier classical or traditional music works may take advantage of the collective soul of human beings to bring your consciousness back to the past. Just as mythology is a story buried in the collective unconscious shared by everyone, music has always been the story that dates back to the past. Listening to classical sonatas, Gregory hymns or sacred hymns may enrich your impressions and memories of distance and time, all in a vast network of collective consciousness.