Wayne Mardle The Man To Beat In World Grand Prix

October 5, 2019

In the past decade, except for Brendan Dolan, this has always been the case. Even in the Gurney-Whitlock final. Although they didn’t expect them to reach the finals, Daryl Gurney couldn’t win the finals, but you can see that the quality usually reaches a certain level.

Michael van Gerwen So far, even though he is not in the game, he is still the best player in the world, which is his biggest income this year. His data is still better than anyone else. He won four times.

He excelled in the game and was good at falling to 60. I am still surprised that he did not score 9 in this event. I really think he is the one, I did.

But I think some of them have to start thinking more. I mean that Michael will win the championship. If he misses it, he may reach 18 or 32, but this is his regular route. We saw some of them, and their start-up doubled them, but they looked around for what they liked. Your T19 started normally… they knew what to do before they took office. However, the double start seems strange to them because it is only once a year.

Back to Rob Cross, he never won the game again. Before he won the world championship, he only participated in two competitions and won the third place last year.

He is obviously not satisfied with this. When you are uncomfortable with the world’s second because of formatting problems, because he has no routine or rhythm, you must consider “correct, I must make sure that this does not happen to me.”

But because there are only eight seeds, is this the worst draw? Mensur Suljovic, ranked ninth in the world. This is the most horrible lottery I have ever seen.