Ukraine Drums Up Tourism Amid Trump Headline

October 5, 2019

What do you do when your country unexpectedly becomes the headline news of the world?

Today, emerging destinations are facing more and more problems, thanks in large part to the unpredictable whimsical and obsessive American president.

After President Trump expressed interest in buying Greenland for a week, when the world seems to be talking about Greenland, who can forget it recently? Of course, it is not for sale, but the country’s tourism bureau is happy to point out its rich products for adventure travelers.

The center of Ukraine’s bombing of each of the United States last week also found itself in a similar place, that is, journalists will be addicted to reports in the coming weeks and months. Even though President Trump’s telephone problem has little effect on ordinary Ukrainians, as one Ukrainian told Freedom Radio, “we were dragged into this step.” It’s undeniable that news stories like this The strong concern caused a name recognition that helps to reduce the performance of the tourism economy. In 2017, tourism directly contributed 1.5% of Ukrainian gross domestic product, ranking lower in the latest global ranking of the World Tourism Council.

That is why it is worth noting that the Ukrainian Minister of Culture, Volodymyr Borodiansky, is also an adviser to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, on September 27 (World Tourism Day). Has affected the tourism prospects of Ukraine. Borodiansky shared an English promotional video created by Ukrainian independent travel agency and marketer JC Travel Ukraine in a Facebook post. Although Ukraine does not have a government-backed tourist office, there are a number of private destination marketing companies and programs that promote it. The video shows the gorgeous cathedrals of Ukraine, Baroque architecture and idyllic shots.

Borodiansky wrote in his post: “I firmly believe that Ukraine has all the prerequisites to become one of the world’s top tourist destinations.” “Our department has an ambitious goal, which is to spread Ukraine and increase tourism worldwide. Industry share in GDP.” He added the #VisitUkraineNOW tag to the post and credited the video to JC Travel Ukraine.

Of course, in the week when the country became headline news, the Minister of Culture’s enthusiastic support for the tourism industry was possible. His office did not respond to comments about whether this was a renewed focus or an ongoing campaign. To be fair, World Tourism Day is a valid reason to express this view. But in a world of tourism and political overlap, these public-facing posts are difficult to separate from today’s news.