TripAdvisor Offers Cruise Reviews and Price Comparison Now

October 15, 2019

TripAdvisor users can now create and share cruise reviews and photos and compare cruise prices to TripAdvisor cruises. TripAdvisor (the parent company of SmarterTravel) said in a statement that the new feature simplifies the cruise planning process by integrating hotel, flight and cruise ship components into one platform.
TripAdvisor’s Cruise, Cars & Car President Bryan Saltzburg said: “Adding Cruise can help solve the complexity of planning and booking flights.” “For example, a cruiser can study and book flights to the port one night before departure. This is a hotel room, can Review the “Single Travel” page, compare cabin options, book excursions, and read reviews in one place.”

TripAdvisor said that 32% of the users used to take a boat tour, and 44% were “cruise shoppers.” According to data from the Cruise Lines International Association, 30 million people are expected to take a boat tour in 2019, an increase of more than 34% over the past five years.

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At the heart of the TripAdvisor cruise is the steamship route, which TripAdvisor calls “the most comprehensive tool in the cruise program.” The ship route is a sturdy boat profile, and TripAdvisor says passengers can “quickly understand” is this the right boat? For me. ”

The boat’s itinerary is equivalent to TripAdvisor’s hotel reviews and is based on just TripAdvisor user reviews, suggestions and photos as well as detailed facilities and itineraries.

In addition, TripAdvisor has extended its travel metasearch tool to include cruise travel, enabling travelers to compare prices when reading reviews. TripAdvisor said it will provide a list of more than 70 million cruise ships.