Travel Advisor Plays Fare Vetter as Cruise Fees Escalate

June 9, 2019

If something sounds too good to be true, then that’s usually the case. This is certainly the case with cruise ships, as low fares and promotional offers often do not reflect the actual cost of the cruise. When passengers get on the bus, they may be surprised to find that they are not actually included in the fare because they have to face cocktails, coffee drinks, fitness classes, Wi-Fi, etc. every time they turn. Tips are usually automatically added to the label.

For travel consultants, the expectation of helping customers understand automatic tipping and other onboard expenses is one way they can demonstrate the value they bring. In some cases, travel consultants can make cost comparisons for customers, and the results show that luxury cruise ships priced at all-inclusive prices are actually more valuable than lower-level cruise ships with attractive base fares.

Of course, all-inclusive pricing will bring higher commissions to travel consultants, which is also an incentive.