This Adorable Puppy Was Rescued by an Australian Family, but It Turned Out to Be a Dingo

January 26, 2020

A family in Australia rescued a stray puppy in the backyard and learned that he was actually an endangered wild dog.

The veterinarian Rebekah Day told CNN: “He is very laid back and very happy to be picked up. In fact, he is so cute, he is just a small group.”

The Australian Dingo Foundation heard about the cub and contacted Day to take him to their care. They then sent a genetics sample to the University of New South Wales, which last week confirmed that the animal was “100% pure Victorian Highland Wild Dog.”

The wild dog’s name is Wandi, and naturally has its own Instagram.

The Dingo Foundation of Australia believes that Vandy was stolen from home by an eagle because of a scar on his back. They thought that he had gone a long way after being thrown by the eagle because his nails had been badly worn. He is less than one year old.

The shelter said on Instagram: “Wandi will be part of our breeding program, adding new genes to increase the strength and diversity of the captive insurance population of purebred wild dogs we have in shelters.”

As part of a new life in the shelter, Wandi is working on socialization. He has been accompanied and is slowly meeting other people.

Dingge is native to Australia but is now considered an endangered species. The species is threatened by hunting and inbreeding. However, due to the cross with the domestic dog, the variety is slowly disappearing.