The Late Jackie Wilson to Finally Receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

81-year-old Harlean Harris Wilson plans to star in her Hollywood on September 4, 2019 for her late husband, the legendary Detroit-born singer Jackie Wilson, starred in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, she died unexpectedly on Saturday, and in her position, their son John Wilson will accept his father’s reward.

Speakers and guests including Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Marshall Thompson of Chi-Lites and Jackie’s daughter Jody Watley will be present.
“Although we are very sad that Harlean will not accept Jackie’s star on our body on September 4th, we are sure she will be mentally with Jackie. Harlean Wilson is a very beautiful woman both inside and outside. The great elegance and dignity lived through her life and was loved by all of us,” said Paul Tanopol of Brunswick Records.

Before her unfortunate death, Harlean participated in the forthcoming authoritative biography and a documentary about Wilson, two members of the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Rhythm and Blues Foundation’s Special Heritage Salute Award and the Roll Hall of Fame winner. She is excited about the release of the popular song The Definitive Jackie Wilson, which was re-created on 50 tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and all other major digital platforms.

Less than two weeks ago, the respected music journalist Jeff Tamarkin talked to Harlean about her life, the upcoming project and the legacy of Jackie Wilson. Here is her story:

After more than 35 years of his death, Jack Wilson – one of the greatest soul singers of all time and the second year of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – is getting some overdue recognition, no one will be more happy than his legacy, Harlem Wilson. On September 4, 2019, Jackie was called “Mr.” in the music industry. Excited “- will be recognized by a star on Hollywood’s legendary Avenue of Stars. For Harlean, this honor is the result of decades of unremitting efforts to keep the name of the deceased artist in the public – and protect His legacy and her own heritage.

“For me, I am very happy, my husband got this star, really ecstatic,” Harlem said. “The name Mr. Excitement not only gave him; he worked for it.”

Harlean Harris – her maiden name – In the early 1950s, when she first saw the name Jackie Wilson, she was just a teenager. Born in White Plains, New York in 1937, when the rhythm and blues vocal group announced that their lead singer Clyde McPhatter left Drifters, she served as chairman of the Billy Ward and Dominoes fan club. Like many other fans, Harlean was upset by the news that a young man named Jackie Wilson was overwhelmed.

Then Harlem went to Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater, where she heard Jackie sing. “I have never heard of a black artist singing at Jackie’s level,” she said. “Nobody.” At first she was just a fan, but one day, she got a call from Jackie, and she saw her photo appear on the cover of Ebony magazine – she was imitating Harlean and recalled her from the fan club. Jackie and Harlean (who had dated Sam Cooke and Sammy Davis Jr.) became a couple. A few years later, in May 1967, they got married.

By that time, Jackie Wilson had started a separate career long time ago and created hot topics after hitting, including the eternal smash like “Lonely Teardrops”, “That’s why I love you so much.” “Night” and “Baby Exercise” “After a few months of the wedding, he won his last ten singles,” (your love makes me lift) getting higher and higher. “In a company that chews artists and spits out, Jackie Wilson’s popularity has never been marked – he’s a virtual generator on the stage, like any attractive performer, and in the studio, he has Ability, Harlem said, “Sing anything. ”

She added that Jackie attributed his commercial success in the music industry to his full-time producer at Brunswick Records, Nat Tarnopol, who was also the head of the brand, initially bringing Jackie from their shared home city of Detroit to New York. Harlean said that unlike many other African-American artists at the time, Wilson was treated fairly by Brunswick and Tarnopol, but outside the company, this was not the case: singers and his wives often suffered, vicious rumors and lies, legal entanglements And other insults, including women who claim to have a romantic relationship with Jackie, and men and women who later claimed to be children. A crazy, completely fabricated story lasted for a while, and Jack was imprisoned by a top story of a building before the mob until he agreed to sign the contract.