The Average Price of 5-Star Hotels Around the World

September 13, 2019

Private pool, spacious suites, decor from the magazine directly – these hotel facilities sound like ordinary people can’t reach. But a new study of the cost of five-star hotels around the world shows that they are much cheaper than you think.

To find the most feasible place for indulgence, researchers Asher and Lyric surveyed how much luxury hotels actually spent in different destinations around the world. To solve this problem, the team sneaked into TripAdvisor, studied 234 places, and found the average price of the top five “traveler rating” hotels in each hotel. What they found clearly shows that many Americans can afford luxury at many destinations.

The biggest gain? Asia and Eastern Europe are the most affordable areas, and cities are usually priced lower than beaches or ski resorts. To get the most luxury at the lowest price, head to Hanoi or Sofia – and avoid sights like Aspen and Fiji. Read on to find out what the two have found around the world.

North American luxury hotel fees

Compared to other regions, North America has the most expensive luxury hotels, averaging $884 per night. Like other regions, American cities tend to be cheaper than ski resorts. In fact, Aspen’s price is $2,021, making it one of the most expensive hotels anywhere in the world. For the cheapest luxury in the United States, head to Las Vegas, Houston or Atlanta for a night of less than $400.

Overall, the team’s destination in Canada is slightly cheaper than in the US, while destinations in the Caribbean – not surprisingly – are more costly. Caribbean beach destinations typically cost more than $1,000, but in Cancun you get the most out of the average price of $699.

Is there a surprise in this area? The average hotel price in Costa Rica is $811 – almost five times that of a hotel next door to Panama.

European luxury hotel fees

If you dream of having a European holiday, now you have another excuse: the average price of a five-star hotel there is $716, lower than North America. However, prices across the African continent vary widely.

If you draw a diagonal from Paris to Santorini, you will find that most of Europe’s most expensive destinations are moving along this line. In fact, here you can find the most expensive of the 234 destinations: the ski town of Gstaad, Switzerland, with an average price of $2,396 per night. Prices for several other destinations in Switzerland, Austria and Italy are also around $1,000 per night. If you want an affordable option in Italy, the Naples hotel is relatively cheap, $252 per night.

Hotel prices are far from the Paris-Santorini line, hotel prices have fallen sharply, and the average price in Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen and most German destinations is below $400 per night. But what is the cheapest place in Western Europe? Brussels and Luxembourg can only get you back to $175 and $183 per night.

Eastern Europe is usually much cheaper than Western Europe, and luxury goods tend to be cheaper. Tirana is the cheapest destination for five-star hotels in Europe and the only hotel that costs less than $100 per night. But prices in cities such as Sofia, Zagreb, Bratislava, Belgrade and Bucharest are all below $200 per night.

Cost of Asian luxury hotels

If you really look for luxury on the budget, Asia is the obvious choice. Although this is a large and diverse continent, prices do vary widely, but most Asian countries are very cheap destinations. This trend has a place in luxury hotels because the average cost in Asia is $416 per night.

However, there are some exceptions – they also exaggerate the average cost of the area. The Maldives is known as the ultimate luxury honeymoon destination, not a budget point, and the hotel price is $936 per night. Japan is another major exception because two of the three cities studied spend more than $1,000 per night. Although the overall cost of their hotels is very low, several destinations in India (Udaipur and Jaipur) and Thailand (Samui, Phuket and Krabi) are also the most expensive in Asia.

If you are looking for the absolute biggest gain, then the two cheapest places are in Asia, and their prices are below $90: Yantai in China and Vientiane in Laos. Most Middle Eastern destinations are also very affordable, including Dubai, Doha and Amman, all of which are less than $200.

However, Bali may be the biggest surprise. The price of our island-related luxury honeymoon villas and eco-resorts is much lower than most people think: an average of $180. Siem Reap in Cambodia is the gateway to Angkor Wat, another amazingly low-cost attraction. Staying in a five-star hotel before you head to the temple will only bring you back to $166.

Luxury hotel fees for other destinations

Asher & Lyric also surveyed some destinations in South America, Africa and Oceania. Most of Africa is a major city. If you want to see the Great Pyramids, track mountain gorillas, or travel in the Serengeti field, you will almost certainly take the time to go to one of them. With a few exceptions, you can enjoy luxury accommodation for less than $300 per night.

The researchers also focus on cities in South America, which are very affordable. The most expensive place found in Buenos Aires, with an average of $451 per night, but most other South American destinations cost less than $300 per night. Adding a bit of luxury at the end of your trip to Machu Picchu or Patagonia is even more feasible.

Finally, although the price of Pacific islands such as Fiji and Bora Bora is as expensive as you might think (more than $1,000 per night), most parts of Australia and New Zealand are very cheap. The average price in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland is less than $300 per night. The cheapest place in the area is the alternative wine destination in Nelson, New Zealand, which costs just $157 per night.

Find the best value

Now that you know the price of a five-star hotel in the world, you can consider the destination that best suits you. For example, cities tend to have luxury hotels that are cheaper than beaches and ski destinations; but if beach vacations or ski trips are at the top of your list, city hotels may not. Although Asia and Eastern Europe are usually cheaper than others, they may be a harder destination if you have health problems or dietary restrictions.

Many destinations for research also have significant price differences between low seasons and high seasons, especially for high-end prices. However, seasonal prices can cause bad weather – if you still spend $1,000 a night sitting in the rain on the beach, then it might not be worth $400. So be sure to consider the weather before you can enjoy off-season discounts.

Finally, remember to consider other costs associated with your trip. In particular, airline tickets from North America can easily cost $1,000. If you go to a more recent destination, even if the hotel is more expensive, maybe the overall trip will be cheaper.

But no matter where you go or what you want, I hope this research will reveal the affordability of luxury and motivate you to start planning your next vacation.