Thailand – The Land of Tourism

January 18, 2020

Thailand is a shocking kingdom with many Buddhist temples, wonderful palaces, beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, beautiful hot springs and much more. Thailand is known for its unique culture, including the mouth-watering “Thai Seafood Cuisine”. Thailand is a destination that appeals to all kinds of travellers, whether they are hippy or eager for luxury. And, you can find an attractive budget plan that will give you the best sightseeing, diverse shopping and delicious food.

Another reason that makes Thailand attractive to tourists is that the people are friendly and friendly in all aspects. Maybe it’s because of the traditional greeting “Wai” (bow when people raise their hands and bow), or it’s because of the Thai motto “Mai Pen Rai” (meaning “don’t worry”).

Thailand has three main seasons-dry season, hot season and monsoon season. As temperatures do not exceed 90 degrees, the country attracts a large number of tourists during the dry season. In the hot season, tourists are surrounded by super sunny beaches. During the monsoon, most people prefer northern Thailand because the island has the opportunity to be flooded.

There are more than 40,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand. Travelers will definitely find at least one temple on the way to all parts of the country. These beautiful buildings date back to the ancient dynasty that ruled Thailand. Each piece reflects the architectural style prevailing in Thailand. Although many cities in Thailand are undergoing continuous modernization, there are still some cities that maintain their ancestral roots, including the city of Sukhothai, an ancient site preserved by the Kingdom of Siam in 1238.

These festivals are as exciting as their rich culture and history. These festivals come mainly from religion and the lunar calendar. Many travellers plan vacations near these festivals to participate in the experience and extract the true essence of the celebration. Songkran is one of the famous celebrations, also known as Water Festival.

Another fundamental feature of Thailand is its market. In the world, you will never find an incredible market like the Thai market. From selling goods to attracting people, each market is unique.

Thailand is also home to exotic wildlife. Khao Yai National Park is located in central Thailand. Naughty monkey beaches are everywhere in southern Thailand. Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island is a famous monkey hotspot. Don’t forget not to feed these animals! In addition, cleaning up these tourist attractions will abuse animal protection measures and should also be punished.

Thailand is a land of manners and etiquette; a land of relaxation and wilderness, friendliness and godliness, a land of happiness without forgetting the motherland, a land of “smile”.