Tennessee Volunteers Dismiss Jeremy Banks

October 9, 2019

Tennessee volunteers withdrew defender Jeremy Banks on Friday and fired a second videotape from the team, saying the woman threatened to beat a woman because she was not allowed to attend the party. .

According to ESPN, Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt announced the news to reporters.

Prut said: “Although I will continue to support Jeremy’s life, the recent news clearly shows that this decision is in the best interests of the football program and the university.”

Although Pruitt did not specify what information he received, the second day after the new video surface surfaced, the video showed Banks threatening to implement the female student who refused to let the guards attend the party. Violence, this is within a day.

The student told TMZ Sports last week that the incident occurred on August 24th, and Banks threatened to “beate” her if she did not allow him to attend a party in Knoxville, Tennessee. She also claimed that Banks had harassed her for a few months.

According to TMZ Sports, officials investigated the matter and found that the bank violated the school’s student code of conduct. Prut later announced that the bank had withdrawn from the team.

The bank has watched a video of the arrest with the football team. In the video he saw him telling a woman on the police cruiser: “Where am I from, we fired at the police.”

Both incidents occurred within a few weeks.

The bank played the role of running and defending for Tennessee. He has a total of seven tackles this season. He hasn’t had any hasty attempts this season.