‘Supergirl’ Star Melissa Benoist Reveals She Is a ‘Survivor of Domestic Violence’

December 15, 2019

Melissa Benoit is more open than ever.

The super actress shared a 14-minute video in her Instagram story on Wednesday in which she said she was “a survivor of domestic or IPV intimate partner violence.” The actress never talked specifically about what she was talking about, only to share that this man was younger than her when recalling how they met and the turbulent relationship. Claiming that her past has hindered her from understanding signs of unhealthy partnerships, she said she has endured abuse and hopes she can save the relationship.

She explained: “In the beginning this abuse was not violence.” “In the beginning, because of his insecurity and frustration, he looked up at me under the guise of common dysfunction. He confided to me about the tragedies he experienced, and The injustice and insecurity suffered. It’s all very real and realistic. Easy to sympathize. “

Benoist, 31, was previously associated with 37-year-old photographer Nick Vorderman. She announced her marriage to 27-year-old actor Blake Jenner in 2015 and filed for divorce in December 2016. The couple’s divorce was completed in 2017. Benoist is currently married to her Supergirl. Co-star Chris Wood, 31 years old.

Benoist claims that when she is with other men, the abuser will start to be jealous of her and tell her to change clothes so that other people won’t meet her, and when she has to interact with a male colleague or have a glamorous scene She will be unhappy.

She shared: “Overall, work is a tricky topic.” He said, “He doesn’t want me to kiss a man once, or even to have a demon ir scene with a man, which makes it hard for me to avoid, so I started Decline auditions, job offers, test deals and friendships because I don’t want to hurt him. “.

The actress then claimed that the first incident of physical violence occurred five months after the start of their relationship and he allegedly threw a smoothie at her face. She never told anyone because she didn’t want to happen again or admit that she had been abused.

“I learned the feeling of being pinned and slapped repeatedly, violently slammed, the wind knocked me down, my hair was dragged onto the sidewalk, and I was pinched tightly above my head until my skin broke and pushed hard into the wall She said: “The dry wall was broken and choked. She added that she learned how to lock herself in the room, but stopped shortly because “the door was inevitably broken” and she learned not to value the property or “myself.”

She then went on to describe the consequences of the violence, including her partner’s apology, and her lying in the bathtub when he returned to calm. She claims to have become violent in order to fight back. The turning point came when he threw an iPhone on her face. It was said that she had torn the iris, which almost interrupted the eyeball, broke the nose, and plumped her lips.

“It’s too much,” she said. “I can’t wash the story off with a mop in the sewer.” She explained that they had to make up a story about how she fell and beat her face on a potted plant. She will share this false story when she appears in “Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon.

She finally cancelled her relationship with her partner and began talking to her friends. “This is not boring news, this is my reality. Everything I have experienced has led to a structural change in my outlook on life.”

Benoist also shared a post about how she wants to share stories to help others find help.

She wrote: “The long and tortuous path to healing and reconciliation brought me into this moment, and I felt strong enough to talk frankly, honestly, and shamelessly about my experience.” “By sharing my story, I hope I can give Others seek opportunities for help and free themselves from abusive relationships. Everyone deserves love without violence, fear, and personal injury. @Futureswithoutviolence. “