Stranger Things Star Joe Keery Responds To Fan CriticismAfter Ditching Beloved Locks

October 8, 2019

Joe Keery responded to the fans’ anger after the Stanger Things star went to the chopping block and trimmed his beloved hair, and many people admired it.

The 27-year-old is known for his long, consistently flowing brown hair, Steve Harrington, who has been cited many times throughout the history of the show. Keery became the obsessive object of fans’ dreams.

However, since then, the actor has introduced a new, subtle hairstyle for the first time, which has greatly annoyed many admirers. Despite this, Keery still conveyed a message to everyone that he might be angry at the new bowl shears and bangs that appeared at the Chanel perfume show in New York Fashion Week last month.

When asked about the reaction he received from his new hairstyle, Kerry said to “Tonight’s Entertainment” at the New York Comic Show: “This is just an ordinary person getting a haircut.”

When Keery first showed a simple look last month, fans were insane. Many people go to social media to share their suspicions and memes about the new star.

One fan wrote: “Joe Keery looks like the growing Will Byers, his new bowl is cut.” Another Twitter user added. “The week was awful and the mood was low, but then I looked at the bowl cut by Je Keery again, remembering… the situation might be worse.”

Over the years, Keery’s hairstyle has become shorter and shorter.

The actor and musician used to fish in the past, but so far, the cutting bowl seems to be his shortest, most eyebrow-high look.