Spencer Pratt Grills Brody Jenner About ‘Marriage Troubles’ in ‘The Hills’ Season Finale Sneak Peek

September 29, 2019

Did Spencer Pratt foresee the breakup between Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter?

In a new preview of The Hills: New Beginnings season ending on Friday, Pratt talks to Jenner about his relationship with his current predecessor and asks if he is “good for your wife”?

“Oh, yes. We are great,” Jenner replied, and Pratt gave him a weird look.

“According to what I heard in the small town where we live, I think the relationship between Brody and Kaitlynn is very rugged,” Pratt said to the camera and then returned to him with Jenner. “Because it looks like a marriage drama.”

When the two walked back and forth, Pratt raised the suspicion that Jenner and Carter were not officially married because they only held weddings in Indonesia but never had a wedding in the United States.

“Let me tell you something about marriage, involving a lot of legitimacy,” Jenner explained, then added, “I don’t believe in the entire signing section, but everything else, I like it… but Doesn’t mean we are not married. Of course we are married.”

Pratt continued to infer to him that the couple had no legal marriage in the United States, only “mentally,” Jenner said. “Our marriage is built in a very good way and is perfect. So, thank you for your attention.”

In an independent testimony, Jenner sat alone and told the camera, “Catherine and I are very happy, we are very loving, it is all important.”

However, Jenner and Carter have withdrawn since the reality show. Their representative confirmed the news in a statement in early August.

“Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter decided to separate them amicably,” the statement said. “They love each other and respect each other and know that this is the best decision for their relationship to move forward.”

This mountain star married in Bali in June 2018. However, a source close to the couple told ET that the two had never been legally married. “They have never done this in the US, so it’s not legal. But they have a wedding in Indonesia,” the source said, adding that Jenner and Carter have had no problems for a while.

After they broke up, Carter made headlines after taking a photo of kissing Miley Cyrus during his vacation to Italy last month. Soon after, the Cyrus representative confirmed that the singer was married to her husband Liam Hemsworth less than a year after getting married. Break up.

Finally, Jenner is dating Josie Canseco, who has linked their relationship to Instagram.

The Hills: New Beginnings’ two-hour season finale will air on Monday, September 9th at 9pm. ET / PT on MTV.