Royce White Claims LeBron is Helping ‘Blackball’ Carmelo Anthony From The NBA

August 22, 2019

Former NBA player Royce White has never been ashamed to express his views. He said that LeBron James is one of the reasons why Carmelo Anthony is not in the league.

In an interview with Fanatics View, White said that Anthony was being “blacklisted” and that the Los Angeles Lakers and Anthony signed a veteran Jared Dudley proved this. White said:

“Everyone at our top level here knows how good Merlot is, and we know that the Lakers have no way to sign Jared Dudley instead of signing Carmelo Anthony. Another problem is People like LeBron walked around here, just like he was the face and voice of the player. How did he get his banana boat brothers there? Did they sign Jared Dudley instead of Carmelo? If anyone saw This thinks Jared Dudley can hold Carmelo’s jockstrap and I will hit him.”

A difficult conversation from White.

Anthony didn’t work more complicated than he was a better player than Jared Dudley.

For whatever reason, Carmelo’s last two major missions in Oklahoma City and Houston did not work as planned.

At his peak, Anthony was an NBA All-Star and one of the top players in the league. He is no longer the player.

Maybe he didn’t have any proposal because he didn’t want a smaller role. However, in the final race of Houston, Anthony did accept a smaller role and came off the bench.

Perhaps the history of Anthony and Houston coach Mike D’Antoni has been circulated in the coaching and GM circles, no one wants to sign him.

There may be any possibility as to why he is no longer in the league.

LeBron has always supported Anthony in the past, and he said he likes to play with him and provide encouragement.

At this point, this is what LeBron can do. Didn’t walk into GM’s Rob Pelinka’s office or call Jeanie Buss (boss) and force their hands, he didn’t have much to do.

The question is whether Anthony can be a contributing player to the NBA team. Although many fans and even players think so, the person in charge does not seem to think so.