REI Launches New Millennial Trips

October 21, 2019

It’s no secret that the Millennium travel is a huge trend, and many group travel agencies offer special budget-oriented travel or age-restricted travel. REI is the latest addition to the game, offering nine new travel products in four different geographic regions.

Currently, REI is focused on some recommended adventures. From the inaccessible places of Colombia (imagine Medellin, not Cartagena) to camping in the Sonoran Desert, the focus of the trip is “prioritize things”. All options emphasize local travel and active travel.

Every trip is carefully crafted with a millennial mindset. Justin Wood, senior manager of REI Adventure Travel, said: “Our team has been designing highly active routes that maintain the right balance between downtime and, most importantly, it provides a young traveler with a Communities enable them to travel in depth and responsibly with their peers.”, in a press release.

Budget and value are the first thoughts, travel provides you with modest accommodation, cheap meals, and no hidden costs. REI members start at $850. If you want to save money, REI will expand its used equipment and rental plans, so you can save even more by renting active equipment at your company’s retail store.

For fun, I asked some of SmarterTravel’s millennial colleagues about the idea: Nevin Spearman has never participated in an organized group tour, and he said he would consider a REI trip, “I like it. Active products, his first choice is the Great Smoky Mountains – Hops, hiking and rapids routes.

Cara Sweeney, who organized an organized group tour with her family about a decade ago, said she would consider taking part in a REI trip. “[Options] look really unique and great. I might want to encourage one or two friends to join me. Participate in this trip.” The trip she chose was also the Great Smoky Mountains – Hops, Hiking and Rapids.

Why is the age limit at 35? According to the press release, 20% of REI members are between the ages of 21 and 35, but the REI website says: “We will not say hello to you.” Therefore, if you have a millennial mindset and these travel pairs You are attractive and you may be suitable.

Find out more about REI’s under 35 adventures here and below.

REI in 35 trips:
Latin America

Columbia Explorer – Medellin, Lost City Trek, Tarona Beach | Under 35
Peru Comprehensive Sports – Machu Picchu to Rainbow Hill | Under 35

North America

Sonoran Desert Star – hiking, camp, mountain bike, repeat | under 35 years old
Backpack Joshua Tree | Under 35 years old
Great Smoky Mountains – hops, hiking and rapids | Under 35
Wild Whistler backpack under 35 years old

Amalfi Coast and Sicily – hiking, eating, summit | under 35 years old
Greek Islands Wanderers – hiking, feasting, exploring | Under 35

Vietnam Multi-Functional Sports – Spectacular Cave Adventures | Under 35