Ray J and Princess Love Have Not Reconciled Despite Report

December 10, 2019

Ray J and Love Love did not reconcile and would not accept couple therapy.

Despite recent reports that the two have been re-ignited, ET has exclusively learned that Ray and Princess (who expect their second child to be a baby boy) are not yet together.

The source added that the two were communicating, but only related to their one-year-old daughter Melodi.

As for why Ray and the princess were together in the same room on Tuesday (in a video posted on the singer’s Instagram story at the time), the source told ET that Ray voluntarily watched Melody while the princess took a picture of the mother.

ET was informed that the princess is still very much considering applying for a divorce from her three-year husband. Representatives of Ray and Princess have been contacted by Eastern Time for additional comments.

The princess has been making headlines since the princess claimed in an Instagram story earlier this month that Ray had left her and baby Melody stranded in Las Vegas. Ray shot back and denied her claims with his own video, in which he attacked the princess for bringing their personal drama to social media.

On November 22, the princess entered Instagram again to update their situation. She claims that two weeks ago, she found Ray J’s other phone, and when she confronted him, he admitted that he had been “entertaining some women.” She claimed they were capable of doing that at the time, but when she accompanied him to the Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas, he asked her to move to Las Vegas, but she refused.

The princess went on to say that it was when the two had a great dispute, he left her and stayed all night. The next day, she said they were caught in another argument, and she accused Ray J of constantly threatening divorce every time they quarreled.

“So I said, the way you get up, walk and disappear, I have to go back to Los Angeles, and I have to correctly decide what I think before this baby comes, because as you move, I will probably For a while, “said the princess. “So he said, ‘I’m also prepared to stay alone. As long as I can see my children from Monday to Wednesday.’ I said,” Okay, then we can be apart. “So he was like,” Don’t do it before I apply. “So, you know, the conversation became very, very ugly. We started, and became very disrespectful, so he stopped me.”

Love and hip-hop: Hollywood stars hinted at the divorce in a candid video. A few days later, a source told ET that the princess was “enough” and had been telling relatives and friends that if the conflict between the two continued, she was considering applying for a divorce.

The princess said, “I don’t want to get married.” “During. I don’t have time to do this. This is not love. I’m done.”

As for Ray, this is what he said before the princess’s latest Instagram rant: “I love my family. I dedicate my life to my family. It’s really sad to imply that I will do anything to hurt my daughter. Man, As you can see, “Now in Skyloft. I just don’t understand how others are “bound” when we never leave! We have been here. You will stay there. We get small disputes everywhere, but you can solve small ones. But going into social media and creating this crazy story about me leaving my child in a way that hurts others is not a cool thing. “