Open De France George Coetzee And Ryan Fox Share First Day Lead

October 22, 2019

On the first day of the France’s Amundi Open, George Coetzee and Ryan Fox were at the top of the rankings.

The oldest national tennis tournament in continental Europe has moved from the traditional summer time on the calendar to the fall, and the softer conditions and lighter turf scoring conditions have made it perform well in the Ryder Cup last year.

At the end of the first round, 49 players were below par, while Coetzee and Fox led a bogey in each of the 65 rounds.

Richie Ramsay of Scotland, along with the local favorite Benjamin Hebert and American Kurt Kitayama, led the way with five shots.

South African Coetzee set a goal in the morning, he reached below 7 points at a time, and then was defeated by bogey on the 17th.

He said: “This is almost perfect.” “My performance is very good. I am very happy to participate in the competition again. This is a long and difficult year, but I feel the game is going well.”

Fox’s only cockroach appeared in 13th place, but he redeemed himself with a stunning three-shot tee on the 16th par three to share the lead.

He said: “I am very happy.” “This is a golf course and can be kicked to you very quickly. Today I played very solid and made some putts.

“I played those tough holes. That closed corner is really good. I might be able to catch a few more in the last four holes. It is always a bonus, but I am very happy to get 65 years old here.”

After winning the championship in 2018, Ramsay has safely won the privilege of playing next season. He enjoys opening in 18 holes in the French capital.

He said: “Obviously, this is a fantastic golf course.” “This year is slightly different. The weather is a bit cooler and the weather is a bit softer, so the stadium has a long game time.

“Playing such a golf course is really fun because it only tests the whole game, and psychologically, there is obviously a lot of water, so you have to be very focused on shooting.”

2012 champion Marcel Siem is a person who doesn’t like this day. He canceled his qualification after the rules were confused.

The Germans mistakenly believed that he would lie during the game, lifted in the first round of the fairway, cleaned and replaced the ball five times, and then found his mistake and left when turning.

He wrote on Facebook: “I played five times in the wrong place and lost 10 free throws.” “This is too much for me, I canceled my qualifications.”