Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Manchester United Have Recruitment Plan In Place

October 29, 2019

Manchester United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a “100% sure” club with the right structure and enough money to strengthen his struggling team.

Manchester United is currently ranked 12th in the Premier League, only 2 points higher than the relegation zone, while league leader Liverpool trailed 15 points before the conflict with the old rivals of Old Trafford on Sunday.

Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, the club’s hierarchy and recruitment under the leadership of Executive Vice President Ed Woodward has been severely criticized, but Solskjaer has Described as an “insult” to the future.

Solskair said to Sky Sports: “I have a three-year contract now, so (we) of course have to make a long-term plan.” “If you lose a game, you will not wait for a phone call, but We have a plan in place and we have a recruitment plan.

“From now on, I am 100% sure that the structure is correct, because the manager has the final decision.

“I know people say something about our recruitment, but it’s almost an insult to recruiting offices, scouts and our professionals – me and Mick (Ferren), employees. We’re the players we want to have and Who makes the decision is available, then the negotiation.”

In the summer, Manchester United spent 145 million pounds on Harry Maguire, Aaron Wang Pisa and Daniel James, but Solskjaer said that the right “off the shelf” players can get more money.

Solskjaer added: “The money is there, I have been looking for players.” “We are close to a few players, but they are not right.

“Funds will increase in January and summer, we are planning, we are looking for, we are looking for targets, but just before the transfer window is over, the ready-made players are not there.

“If there is a suitable candidate, the resources are there.”