NFL Players Paid Undocumented Immigrant Bail

August 22, 2019

After two NFL players and other organizations pay bail, undocumented immigrants are no longer regulated by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Jose Bello, 22, has been detained in ICE’s detention center for the past three months, telling KTLA, “I can see my entire future out of the window.”

New Orleans Saints’ Washington Redskins and De Mario Davis’s Josh Norman, the New York Immigration Freedom Fund and the National Bail Fund Network all contributed to his $50,000 bail.

Lee Wang, an employee of the New York Immigration Freedom Foundation, told KRO that when athletes heard Bello’s case, they wanted help.

“They are very angry about what happened, because the goal of a father and activist is to dare to say what they think and to challenge what is a thorough xenophobic immigration policy,” Wang said.

Davis even posted the incident on Twitter.

Both Norman and Davis are members of the Players’ League, formed by former NFL receiver Anquan Boldin and Philadelphia Eagles star Malcom Jenkins in 2017. The purpose of the organization is to seek social justice for racial equality.

Bakersfield College students were placed at the ICE detention center in Mesa Verde after being arrested at home on May 15. He was detained for 36 hours after he wrote a poem he wrote “Dear America” ​​during the meeting of the Supervisory Board in Kern County. .

“We demand our respect. We want our dignity to return. We are deeply rooted in this country, and now this is a true fact,” his poetry reading. “I represent the victims who paid the price for this scam: Vietnamese, Jamaican, African, Cambodian, Mexican, Salvador, we stand together.”

Bello’s lawyer, Stephanie Padilla, believes her client is the target of ICE because his comments challenge ICE’s immigration policy.

When he was arrested, Bello worked as a farmer and earned $20,000 a year. Bello is a father who came to the United States from Mexico when he was 3 years old.