Miley Cyrus Said She’s Been Sober for Four Months

Miley Cyrus broadcasts live on Instagram with fans on Sunday and shares some personal news: she is happy to be in a wake-up time. She said: “According to Hollywood life reports, I woke up for four months.” “This is the best I feel. I am emitting light.” Congratulations, Miley!

New boyfriend Cody Simpson also joined the live broadcast, and the couple shared some details about their relationship, including when long-lasting friendships have become more. When a fan asked them where they first kissed, Cyrus replied: “I don’t remember. It could be a dirty nightclub. Just like four years ago?”

Simpson suggested: “2016 is 1Oak in Los Angeles, but Cyrus disagrees: “That is not 1Oak, you! “she says.

Simpson continued: “I want to remember that although you are a cougar, I am still a cougar, baby.” She continued to speculate that their first kiss occurred on her sofa.

A source who asked not to be named told Hollywood Life earlier this month that Cyrus and Simpson are pursuing a new, party-free lifestyle that explains Cyrus’ sobriety. “The party is no longer part of her life. In this respect, Cody seems to be on the same page with her. In the past, when they were hanging out, they watched the sun gather for a long night before the party night. Now they get up and do the day. Yoga,” the source said.

Matt Zeidman, Simpson’s manager, made a similar statement to People magazine. He told People magazine: “It is still very early, but their friendship has a long history and is more people-oriented. This friendship is getting deeper and deeper. Now they focus on health, work and time spent together. This is for me. It seems very ideal. “Cute!