Miley Cyrus Gushes Over Cody Simpson as He Reads a Love Poem About Her

Miley Cyrus inspired Cody Simpson to write a love poem for her-which made her blush on Instagram Live.

Together with Lili Reinhart, Cyrus ’boyfriend was one of the guests on her Instagram live show” Bright Thinking “on Thursday. When appearing on the show, Simpson wrote a poem about her “Broken Ball” for her.

“Baby! I’m terrified! I’m the most beautiful?” She asked him when he would finish his work, and will be introduced in his poem “Prince Neptune” next week.

“You are the most beautiful, baby.” Simpson replied.

Before “leaving” Cyrus’ Instagram Live, the Australian singer showed his new music, which is a polite Cyrus. “I like it. You look so cute!” She yelled and said goodbye to her boyfriend.

“He is the only one who hangs on me first. That’s why I like this person,” she quipped when she signed the contract. “This is what I need.”

Simpson later added Cyrus to “Bright Minded” so that they and Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You” duo. The couple recently celebrated together for six months.

Simpson wrote in an Instagram story on Wednesday: “6 months with you is a life for everyone else.” “I love you.”