Michelle Obama Posted a Workout Photo to Celebrate Self-Care Sunday

October 29, 2019

Obama wrote on Instagram: “I am always happy to go to the gym.”

When Michelle Obama was on Instagram, she was always happy, and Sunday’s post was no exception. Obama shared a photo of the physical education class, in which she carried a pill on her head and bowed her bow deeply. (Is this the correct word? I have never had confidence in what I do in the gym.) As usual, she looks flawless and I am determined to copy her nine-point top and high-waist leggings.

Obama used this position to motivate her followers to take care of themselves—whether taking time to go to the gym or choosing their own self-care method. “It doesn’t always feel good at the moment. But in fact, I’m always happy to go to the gym. How do you take care of yourself on this #SelfCareSunday?” she wrote.