Michelle Money Urges Fans to Be a ‘Parent First, Friend Second’

During her daughter’s hospitalization, Michelle Money conveyed important messages to her parents.

Bachelor alumni revealed earlier this week that her 15-year-old daughter Brielle entered the ICU after a “terrible skateboarding accident”. In a tearful video released on Wednesday, Money encouraged her followers to become “parent first” and “friend second”.

She wrote: “Today, I am angry and disappointed with myself.” “I know that in this case it does not help, but this is where I am going. Take Brielle as a single with 50/50 guardianship It ’s hard for the mother to raise her to quarrel with her. I only got her half a week. I ’m more important than being her friend. “

“Today I regret many things. I hope this can be a strong reminder to make you a parent ’s job first,” Money continued. “They will love you in the end. First make sure they are safe. In all respects. Wear a helmet.”

Later, Money shared another update of Brielle’s condition and shared her progress in rehabilitation.

She said: “I love this kid very much ❤️ My heart is so full. There is another beautiful day in the book.” “It has been 72 hours officially. (The longest time in my life) Hope we have reached her redness Gao Feng, you can start taking some of these medicines for her tomorrow and see if she can cope with the stress on her own. “