Los Angeles Rams Send Two First Round Pics To Jacksonville Jaguars

October 22, 2019

The Los Angeles Rams made a bold move to return to the Super Bowl because they traded Jacksonville Jaguar guard Jay Ramsey with two first-round draft picks.

Ramsey is one of the best players in the league. He has always wanted to leave Jacksonville and has not adapted to the Clippers.

The Rams have a tough start this season because they look better than they did last year in the Super Bowl. In the Super Bowl, they were defeated by Tom Brady’s New England Patriots.

Sean McVay scored a 3-3 record after three consecutive losing streaks, but hopes to rebound against the 1-5 Atlanta Falcons on Sunday and then head to London in Wembley. The current Cincinnati Bengal team with no wins.

Los Angeles starter cornerback Aqui Talib injured the reserve on Monday with a rib injury and traded the professional bowl of Marcus Peters to the Baltimore Ravens. .

The move paved the way for 25-year-old Ramsey to move to California, ending his confrontation with Jags, where he became the captain and one of their top stars – but clear Said he wants to leave.

In a game with the coach Doug Marrone’s shouting game to no avail, although not wanting to lose their star, but the situation of the Rams and the compensation provided means that this is Jacksonville to do The correct transaction.

Jaggers president Tom Coughlin said: “In view of Jaren’s situation, we made this decision based on what we believe is the greatest benefit to the Jacksonville Jaguars this season and beyond.”

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“We think the deal with the Rams has brought tremendous value to our next two drafts. We are still very confident that today our team will compete for the division title this season.

“Jellen is a productive player, but time is up, we hope he and his family will perform best in Los Angeles.”

Ramsey is in the penultimate year of the rookie contract, which is expected to earn him $13.7 million this season. It is reported that Ramsey and the Rams are not eager to discuss the new contract.

Now, three of Jacksonville’s first-round picks play for the Los Angeles Rams, and Ramsey joins quarterback Blackbots and defender Dante Fowler.

However, the Rams have paid a high price to ensure their secondary position, and there are two other first-round draft picks out of the window.

The last time the Rams did not participate in the first round of the draft was when they chose quarterback Jared Goff in 2016. They didn’t join until 2022 because of various industries.

This means that the Rams hope that success will be achieved quickly, and can continue to advance on the NFC title last season, but after the recent run, they need to quickly turn around to achieve.

Currently, they are not even the best team in their department, and the unbeaten San Francisco 49ers and the 5-1 Seattle Seahawks are far ahead.