Liverpool’S Magnificent 17 A Look At Jurgen Klopp’S Side’S Winning Run

October 22, 2019

Liverpool’s return from the international offseason seems to be equal to Manchester City’s 18 consecutive Premier League wins on Sunday.

They played against the old rival Manchester United on Sunday, hoping to continue their perfect start in the Premier League. The Premier League has already led them to eight points ahead of the second-ranked Manchester City.

Jurgen Klopp’s team last time defeated Leicester in Anfield, earning him 17 points in the rebound and they also set their sights on it. Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola’s team won an impressive 18 consecutive games in the first half of their 2017/18 championship battle, and they scored an impressive 100 points.

The longest winning Premier League
Manchester City (2017)-18
Liverpool (2019)-17 (still increasing)
Manchester City (2019)-15
Arsenal (2002)-14

A three-pointer at Old Trafford means Liverpool’s record can be traced back to March, and their unbeaten record can now reach 25 games.

If they beat Manchester United and get Manchester City’s achievements, they can make another 19 new highs when they go to Tottenham next week.

Let’s look back at their winning results so far…