Lewis Hamilton Joining Ferrari

October 9, 2019

Lewis Hamilton’s idea of ​​joining Mercedes to join Ferrari’s Ferrari at the end of the contract at the end of 2020 seems to sound less stupid.

Yes, Mercedes ruled the era of turbo hybrids. They have won five championships and soon won the team championship for six consecutive years.

Hamilton’s salary is impressive, up to 40 million pounds per season. In addition, Mercedes also provided him with the perfect “winger” of Valtteri Bottas.

Together with the good relationship between Merc boss Toto Wolff and the British, he is free to run his own fashion empire and other projects.

However, the driving temptation for the most prestigious team in Formula One history and one of the world’s largest brands may prove too powerful.

Even Wolf himself admitted that the dream of driving a red F1 car was part of the DNA of each racer, so that he discussed with Hamilton the dream of moving to the Italian team.

Wolf said at the beginning of the season: “We must admit that everyone driving to Ferrari is thinking. This is the most iconic symbol of Formula One.

“Even inside the team, we have already discussed it. You must be open-minded – the driver will explore these opportunities.

“We have been keeping a transparent discussion with Lewis. We want him to stay. If we are separated, it will be very positive and not dramatic.”