Kristaps Porzingis’ Slick Response To RJ Barrett Challenge

June 20, 2019

RJ Barrett chose Kristaps Porzingis as his most slam dunk opponent.

In response, the former Knicks did not completely instill the rookie, but let him know that this is no easy task.

“He said he wants to slam the basket for me? Very good,” Pojinis smiled and told reporters in Dallas on Thursday. “I’m a shot-blocker. I don’t know what someone is saying. I’m one of the best shot-blockers in the league, and I’ve been fighting for the challenge. I think this is a good goal for him to try to dunk. That’s definitely great. I respect it.”

Perhaps to make the Knicks fans more like him, Barrett started something in the “Bleacher Report” “Ask me for anything” when a fan asked him who wanted to make a poster.

“Let’s go with Porzingis,” Barrett said.

Since the ACL was torn in February 2018, Porzingis is preparing to start his first game, and this statement has entered the Mavericks facility. During this time, he was forced to leave the Knicks in a deal with Dallas.

As the Knicks, Pojinis averaged two blocks per game in three seasons. When the team meets in Dallas on November 8, Barrett will have the opportunity to dunk in 7 feet 3 Latvia for the first time.