John Mellencamp Dating Skincare Expert Nurse Jamie Following Meg Ryan Split

John Mellencamp dated nurse Jamie.

According to multiple reports, since the beginning of this year, the musician has been dating celebrity skincare expert-real name Jamie Sherrill (Jamie Sherrill). Both are Indiana.

The latest news of Mellencamp’s love affair is about five months after he broke up with Meg Ryan. The report surfaced in October 2019, and the two have ended their engagement. A few months ago, Ryan-who accepted Merenkamp’s proposal in 2018-said she was not in a hurry to get married.

She told InStyle: “For now, engagement is a grace.” She added that other projects also kept her busy.

“I am focused on production. I am also preparing to direct myself directly, and I am working on an interesting e-commerce project with some friends. But most importantly, I am ambitious in 12 years. Hour is the happiness of my children. I am. “She said. “I want to figure out how to provide food for them, how to say, what to do with all those mothers. I hope they are happy.”