How to Start an Exercise Routine and Stick to It?

November 5, 2019

If you’re like a lot of people, you made a resolution to start exercising this year, but you didn’t see it through. Maybe you were too busy, afraid of hurting yourself or just hate going to the gym.

If you fall into this camp, don’t give up yet. Science has found a number of ways to boost your chances of keeping up an exercise routine. To find out the best way to start exercising, Live Science consulted the latest exercise guidelines and interviewed experts in sports medicine and exercise physiology. We wanted to know how much exercise people need to do to be healthy, what exercises they should do and how they can avoid injuries when starting out.

Experts said that exercise doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive; you don’t have to join a gym or buy new workout clothes to become more active. And there’s no single workout routine or type of exercise that’s considered “the best.” The most important thing is that you like the activity you choose to do. This could be anything from walking or swimming to taking a dance class.

“You should pick an exercise program that fits you,” said Dr. Michael Jonesco, a sports medicine physician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. To start exercising, you have to be willing to make a lifestyle change, he stressed. “You have to enjoy it. It has to be affordable [and] reasonable within time constraints. That’s the best exercise program for anybody, because it’s sustainable,” Jonesco said.