How to Find the Good in a Chaotic World?

February 16, 2020

When the world seems to collapse and the mood becomes gloomy, people usually do not respond satisfactorily. Most people will pick up content that they don’t want to pay attention to, while others will never be satisfied with current events or will not participate. However, if you are willing to study in depth, you will have a better response.

personal development
Start with a broader perspective. The world has always been a mixture of good and bad, so the challenges you face are roughly the same as the challenges facing each generation: personal development. Personal development requires two things: intention and attention.

The most important intent is the desire for evolution, and you can perform this intent every day, no matter where you are. Desire is the most powerful driving force. If you can achieve your desire to develop, then every success will inspire you more motivation.

Evolution usually means progress, but in terms of consciousness, a better definition of work is an extension: if you can expand your consciousness today, tomorrow, and every day after that, you will continue to grow in your own life. The opposite of the extension is shrinking, which gives you a contour of a two-step program. Every day, you should try to focus on things that raise awareness and avoid things that cause consciousness to diminish.

9 things to expand
A list can be listed for each category. Consciousness increases when you focus on the following:

Compassion and kindness
Read exciting books
Experience nature
Looking for creative channels
Do anything that makes you happy
Obviously, anyone can make time for these things. That would be a life of poverty, and no opportunity was given to at least one of them every day. Everyone has their own motivation by bringing pleasure and enjoyment. However, without this feeling, the expansion of consciousness will not happen. If you are willing to pay or serve with responsibility, or serve yourself because you feel inside or bound by your conscience, then your manners will remain good, even worthwhile, but you will not feel that you are happier. More fulfilling people.

Ten things that lead to consciousness contraction
Modern life obliges you to do things that you don’t really like. People think that the inevitable is the duties and requirements in family life and work. But once you have the daily intent of development, you must pay attention to the negative aspects of the equation. Consciousness contract in the following situations:

Work pressure
Tired, tired
lack of sleep
Negative emotions such as anxiety, depression and inner
Lack of sense of accomplishment, frustration
Excessive time requirements
Toxicity relationship
Old conditions, habits and memories
This is a somewhat daunting list, and for many people it is easier to take a negative attitude towards the negative aspects of life. This has a double impact: you deprive you of opportunities for development and subject yourself to contractual awareness.

How to develop and plan a new lifestyle
The reason I listed these two lists is to show the possibility of making life well. If you sit down and think carefully about each project, you can start planning a new way of life that is dedicated to personal development. A simple beginning is to choose two things from the list: First, determine the simplest things you can do, then determine the simplest things you can eliminate or improve, which will make your consciousness drop.

When you start in this way, as you progress, evolution becomes easier. Your goal is a conscious and creative lifestyle. “Creativity” doesn’t have to be artistic, it means you are creating your own best life every day. If there are serious aspects of the negative aspects of your life, such as depression or toxic relationships, it is necessary to lend a helping hand. Even if you find something you like on the positive side, you only need a serious negative factor to undermine your desire for evolution.

This sounds very unbalanced, because if the positive aspects of life outweigh the negative aspects (such as balancing weight on a scale), that would be great. But this is not the case. The state of evolution is openness, relaxation, acceptance, spontaneousness, alertness, curiosity and participation. These are not things to do. They are a state that needs to be cultivated through consciousness itself. If there is no feeling of openness and relaxation, the positive aspects of the equation will only distract people.

The inner order and beauty of pure consciousness make a person’s life beautiful and orderly. Therefore, meditation is a core activity because it allows you to come into contact with your source with pure consciousness. The purpose of doing positive things is to make the possibility of pure consciousness obvious – beauty, love, creativity and happiness can be awakened by you.

The world is chaotic because human beings are chaotic in their awareness. You can do external things to improve the situation; you can make your life better and the lives of others. But the only lasting solutions come from the inside. Expanded awareness makes life orderly even in the midst of disorder. There are many other things that happen, too, but an orderly mind is the best asset you can have to meet life’s challenges.