Great Lessons That Will Make You a Better Leader

September 20, 2019

If you have never taken the time to think about becoming a leader, you can take the following 10 steps to become a leader.

  1. Understand your leadership style
    If you’ve found yourself in a leadership position, it’s helpful to know your leadership style. Although there are more current frameworks for categorizing leaders, psychologist Kurt Lewin’s 1939 study of leadership style is a good starting point. He and his team identified three basic styles:

Authoritarian/authoritarian: focus more on the command
Participatory/democratic: Encourage group participation and collaboration
Representative / laissez faire: a more lethal approach
Although each style can play a role in certain situations, the participatory/democracy style has proven to be the most effective in most non-emergency situations.

What is your leadership? Which style do you most agree with? If you are still unsure, take this leadership style test and find out.

  1. Visionary
    Whatever you do, whether you are leading a Fortune 500 company or a family vacation, you must have a vision. Think of yourself as a Sherpa in this way – you need to know where you are going before you can get there.

Take the time to visualize the ideal image, the ultimate goal and the final destination. Every time you make a decision, you should grasp the possibilities to make sure they are consistent. It’s hard to believe a leader who doesn’t know where he/she is trying to lead his or her team, so it’s important to figure out your priorities in order to move in the right direction.

  1. Organized
    Once you have a vision, you can organize time, effort and action. Great leaders know that things are not just deliberately “completed.” Being well organized means slowing down, paying attention to details and doing your homework.

Attend a fully prepared meeting. Teach your class through an organized lesson plan. Lead your webinar to practice PowerPoint presentations and conduct important leadership courses throughout the presentation.

Keep your work area and family organized at all times and wherever you want. Have a clean and simple filing system and check your inbox regularly. Chaos laid the foundation for mistakes.

  1. Be confident
    Never a leader has absolutely understood everything. Therefore, be confident in what you know and have confidence in what you don’t know. Everyone wants to be led by people who seem to know what they are doing. If you feel that you are overwhelmed or don’t know the answer to something, then the confident “I don’t know, let me study and then find you” will win the trust of your team.

At the same time, what needs to be done to learn the leadership skills necessary for leadership and leadership. Work hard, practice more, and be willing to stand out from the crowd bravely. Fast Taylor co-founder Bill Taylor said in an article on leadership:

“The true mark of the leader is the willingness to adhere to bold action guidelines, unconventional business strategies, unique product development roadmaps, controversial marketing campaigns, and even the rest of the world wants to know why you are not moving forward and keeping pace with the status quo. In other words, true leaders are willing to twists and turns, while others are tortuous. They understand that in an era of intense competition and continuous improvement, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to represent something special.”

  1. Good communication between all platforms
    It’s not surprising that leaders are good communicators, but in today’s era, leaders have shown extraordinary platforms in every respect. Obviously, being an eloquent and lively speaker is helpful, but leaders also need to be able to carefully write well-worded emails, easily use social media and text messaging, and use webinar software for virtual communication. Don’t forget that communication is a two-way path, so being a good listener is as important in many ways as passing on your message.
  2. Keep your promises and keep your promises
    Leaders must be consistent in order to win trust and make things happen. Check how you evaluate your words. Are you a “yes” person? Are you committed to participation and projects and then unable to implement them? Do you know how to say “no” clearly and elegantly?

As a leader, you must abide by your commitments. If you tell your child that there is no show time after 6 pm and then when they start crying, you will be depressed and the value of your words and promises will decrease. If you tell employees to serve them whenever they need it, but you need to spend 10 days responding to their emails, their confidence in your position as a reliable leader will surprise you. Staying reliable and consistent will increase your leadership skills.

  1. Trust your team and upgrade them
    “A good goal for leadership is to help poor performers do good things and help those who perform well to do better.” – Entrepreneur Jim Rohn

Being a leader, inspiring, teaching, supporting and connecting with your team is your job. Invest in their education and guide them when they are ready. Real leaders try to raise others instead of limiting them to the current state range. By establishing personal contacts with your colleagues, you have the opportunity to understand their goals and dreams. Good leaders will work harder to help their employees get where they want to go. No matter what mistakes or challenges, take time on your relationships and encourage them to do their best.

  1. Commission
    Misunderstanding leadership means you have to do everything yourself. This is a common mistake. Good leaders know how to delegate. They are full of confidence in what they know and prescient in things they don’t know (see No. 4). But just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t mean you should do it. As a leader, you must evaluate the most precious time and effort.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur, delegating your accounting, marketing, and social media jobs can save you a lot of time and free up time for you to spend money on products and artwork. This is also a gift that gives tasks and responsibilities to others on the team. In most cases, people will be grateful for help, so please ask for it and make the most of your time. This is a key step towards becoming an effective leader.

  1. Curiosity and learning
    Be wary that you know everything as a leader and a person. Treating life with curiosity rather than judgment, you will open a world full of possibilities. The best teacher is usually a lifelong student. The best managers are managers who constantly strive to improve management skills and find new ways to solve complex problems. The best parents and spouses are those who really want to be the best parents, spouses and friends they can become and take action to prove it.

President John F. Kennedy said: “Leadership and learning are essential.” Read a lot of books, spend time looking at relevant blogs, and sign up for webinars and seminars to improve your skills. Open yourself and learn from everyone you meet; in fact, treat everyone like your teacher. Not only will you learn more, but people will also like you.

  1. Maintain a positive attitude
    In the leadership role, we must put happiness and positive attitude in the first place. An article in the Harvard Business Review shared a study that “shows that when people work with a positive attitude, performance at almost every level (productivity, creativity, engagement will improve).” Not only for employees, The same is true for managers and bosses. .