Glory to Ukraine Nationalist Groups Protest President

October 19, 2019

On Monday, thousands of far-right and nationalists marched in Kiev, waving red flames, shouting “Glory to Ukraine”, protesting the leadership of President Volodymyr Zelensky and his long-awaited Eastern Ukraine peace plan.

Zelenskiy tried to prove his patriotic qualifications by visiting Ukrainian troops on the front line of a five-year conflict with Ukrainian-backed separatists, who have killed at least 13,000 people. Earlier on Monday, he was silent for a moment on the monument to the victims of Ukraine.

On Monday, in one of several nationalist gatherings to commemorate the “Defend National Day”, the police deployed more than 10,000 people around the main location of the Ukrainian capital, marching under a yellow-blue Ukrainian flag. Zelenskiy urges participants to avoid violence and warn those who want to cause confusion may launch a “provocation.”

The man in a black robe lifted a red torch like a torch, led the parade, and some wore white masks to hide his identity.

“Glory to Ukraine!” They shouted. “Don’t surrender!”

The crowd included uniformed veterans of the conflict who urged Zelenskiy to ban troops from evacuating, local elections or separatists. All of this is an element of the long-term peace plan that the President of Ukraine is trying to revive.

Taras Volochko, 46, said: “How much is Zelensky ready to pay? He is going to sell it to all of us to achieve peace with Russia. We will not remain silent.”

Andriy Biletsky, head of the KMT of the far-right national group, told the Associated Press: “The withdrawal is a disaster for the country. Russia is using this situation to seize the territory we have withdrawn. ”

Comedian Jelenskiy was promoted to the presidency this year by fulfilling his promise to end the conflict. He thanked the Ukrainian army for defending the country from outside influences and urged them to “resurrect.”

He said to them: “Ukraine is an independent, sovereign, united and democratic country.” In his speech, he summed up his “Glory of Ukraine!”

Ukraine, Russia and separatists signed a preliminary agreement earlier this month to withdraw heavy weapons and hold elections thereafter. With the shelling by both sides and the Ukrainian hardliners threatening to prevent disengagement, no withdrawals took place.

Zelenskiy insisted on the agreement and insisted that this was the only way for his country to move forward.

He still receives the support of most Ukrainians who believe he needs time to fulfill his promise to revitalize the economy. The Ukrainians also ignored his call with US President Donald Trump, who launched a bomb imp investigation in the United States.

“I love my country, but I don’t like nationalists. I don’t have time to protest. What benefits does this bring?” Nadiya Kuzmenko, 68, once asked, she used to A worker at a weapons factory, cleaning the house to supplement her monthly pension of $125.

The marchers of Kiev gathered in Maidan Square, symbolizing the influence of the Ukrainian uprising against Russia. Thousands of people continue to travel to the presidential headquarters overlooking the capital. The Kiev authorities said that the main parade was over peacefully.

A group of people in front of the presidential government accused Zelensky of being a “servant of the Kremlin” and he tried to “reach an agreement with the devil.”

Critics say the agreement is a “submission” to Russia and fears that it will lead Russia to gain the upper hand in determining the future for conflict-torn areas. “Peace after victory” reads a huge banner.

The head of one of the protest groups, the head of the Veterans Brotherhood, said that Zelensky held a closed meeting with nationalist groups last week, trying to explain his position and ease tensions, but claimed that the president said he No plan”.

Nationalist groups gather in the main locations of Kiev, while in other parts of the city, families with carts are enjoying their holidays, eating ice cream and sunning on unusually warm autumn days.