Gerrit Cole Strikes Out 15 As Astros Grab 2-0 Lead

October 9, 2019

You can’t beat it. The legendary thing.

Light could not be held at the Maid Park on Saturday night.

Cy Young candidate Cole’s amazing pitching genius, MVP candidate Alex Bregman waved a big step.

This is enough for the Astros to beat Rays 3-1 and take a 2-0 lead in ALDS, as the Astros team came with the Yankees to seek a sub-series of epic AL champions.

The light barely touched Cole, and he made a league record with 326 strikeouts this season. On Saturday night, he piled up 15 strikeouts in the 72/3 game, two seconds behind Bob Gibson’s record of 17 in the 1968 World Series.

Cole threw 118 pitches and scored 83 goals because he allowed 4 hits, walked 1 time and was not allowed to run. Cole is preparing a record free agent contract this winter. Please leave a blank check.

Both teams do it their way. The Yankees surrendered to the Twins, and the Astros began throwing gems into the strong rays.

Justin Verlander hit seven hits in the first win of the Astros 6-2 game on Friday, while Cole used the fast-moving and knuckle-free joints to destroy confidence. The curve goes beyond Verlander.

This is the Sandy Cofax or Gibson-style playoff dominance.

When Cole left the mound for the eighth time, the outspoken crowd of crazy waving towels snarled and applauded him. He waved his gloves to pay tribute to the fans.

There are many ways to measure Cole’s excellent season, but K is the best starting point. Right-hander has created a 21-digit three-digit strikeout game this season, led the Grand Slam and created the club’s record as he won the championship for the 16th consecutive season.

He became the fourth pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball and participated in 21 three-digit strikeouts from Koufax, Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson.

This is not just a Hall of Fame course. That is the best of the best HOF levels.

In order to participate in 21 three-digit three-shot three-shot game, he completed his last nine games of feats, and then created the record of the Major League Baseball. Yes, the shot angle of the striker has been reduced, these days home run Or the semi-final batter’s field goal percentage, but this is still a great feat, the most surprising is that Cole said that all these tripods did not make him tired.

He saved the best results in October.

For a draft that is about to become a free agent and the Yankees, it is a performance that dreams of performance. Signing up with Cole immediately will cost more.

“I just tried to improve on the commands and methods, and – I just, I don’t know, it’s no different from the past few years. I think, just keep improving.” 29-year-old Cole talks about his pitching ladder. The feat on.

Bregman took a 3-2, 98 mph fastball from Blake Snell and took fourth place to Crawford Boxes, bringing Astros to the board.

The big game should be the nickname of Bregman. His playoff home run has met elite pitchers: Chris Seiler (2) Trevor Bauer, Clayton Kershaw, Corey Krupp, Kenley Jensen, It is now Cy Young winner Blake Snell. Whenever he enters the first two games of the series, Minute Maid fans will shout “MVP.” He said that this really made him excited.

Bregman lives very important. After he hit the fastball, he directly looked at the Astros canoe and lifted the racket high. This provided Cole with a breathing space, and then in the seventh quarter, the astronauts added a crucial second round to the catcher Martin Maldonado’s punching singles.

Running Cole on the hills is like running five times on other pitchers. Running twice, it’s time to pack up and go home. His 94th and 116th speeds are 100 miles per hour.

Mixing 85 mph knuckle curves, you can have excellent performance in October.

K-King Cole is the ultimate pitcher weapon.