G Adventures Launches The First Live Virtual Group Tour

April 20, 2020

Traveling is to solve distances, break barriers, and bring people from all over the world together. G Adventures has always created communities through shared experiences. Although travelers ca n’t meet face-to-face in person now, they can still use the gift of technology to connect and dream of where to go next.

Out of the desire to connect and discover, G Adventures has launched a new virtual travel experience, including the operator ’s first real-time virtual group tour (to Italy), which has departed at 17 PM BST on April 21, 2020. Virtual travelers can register here.

Other virtual travel experiences designed to engage passengers include Zoom ’s virtual hiking and virtual background, because there are no photos, does this really happen?

For more information about each virtual travel experience, see:

The virtual group tour was launched on April 21, 2020, the first of its kind. One can get as close to the actual G Adventures trip as possible without opening the passport. The Chief Experience Officer (CEO) of G Adventures will lead 16 “travelers” on off-road trips in Italy and introduce them to five different locations in less than an hour. Travelers will receive food / drink pairing suggestions in advance, and “get to know” other participants in the real-time Zoom Room, and can interact with the CEO in real time. Italy ’s first tour was hosted by local CEO Stefano Paris, which included visiting Venice, Tuscany, and even playing football. Observers will also have the opportunity to follow the tour without joining the group. Future live virtual group tours include Guatemala, Argentina and Vietnam.
The Virtual Walking Tour starts with the Florence Virtual Walking Tour. This weekly series will feature Buenos Aires, Antigua, Guatemala, Cape Town and Hanoi. Under the leadership of the local CEO, using Google maps and photos, the CEO will “lead” the audience around their city while sharing internal secrets, history, and tips.
The virtual background is designed to activate Zoom video conference calls or hangouts. Our first collection series covers seven continents, so even if you have never been to Antarctica, you can persuade your friends and colleagues to salivate here.
The CEO of G Adventures is the beating heart of G’s journey. Their enthusiasm, vitality, experience and knowledge have brought the destination and the city to life. Just like a regular G adventure tour, the virtual tour guide will have the opportunity to recommend tips through the tour guide ’s Paypal or venmo account.

“Travel, curiosity, and sense of connection are the DNA of our G adventure,” said Lauren Michell, vice president of marketing and customer experience.

“We hope that our new virtual travel experience will continue to inspire travelers’ curiosity and hope to explore the world at the right time.”

With the help of travelers, G Adventures will continue to add elements and destinations to the new virtual travel experience.