Fly Private to the Best Oktoberfest Celebrations

October 3, 2019

From the coast to the coast, from the border to the border, urban celebrations across the country respect Bavarian culture every fall. Various festivals at the Oktoberfest include traditional Bavarian cuisine, music and drinks. Although the main beer festival in Munich will be held from September 21st to October 6th this year, there are many celebrations in the United States to enjoy.

Private jet company president Eric Wells said: “Private participation in events such as the Oktoberfest will bring attractive benefits, especially if you travel with groups, private charters can usually be close to activities, reducing your driving time. Busy airport to remote areas. Some of our planes can accommodate up to 9 people, which can reduce the cost of each person when splitting.”

According to the MATADOR Network, the United States is full of unique Oktoberfest celebrations. Wells said that you can book a charter flight to attend a few or one of the top 10 best Oktoberfest celebrations in the United States.

The Helens Festival in Georgia ranks second in the list and is also an ideal place for private travel. The town is home to about 570 people and is one of the oldest Oktoberfest celebrations in the country from April 26th to October 27th, Thursday to Sunday. This town looks like a traditional German village, making it a perfect place. Visit this occasion. The closet International Airport is located in Atlanta or Knoxville, Tennessee, approximately 100 miles away. Private jets can be reached 20 miles from Habersham County Airport.

The Linde Beer Festival, held in Tulsa, Okla., from October 17th to 20th, ranked fourth. In addition to traditional food and beer, it also offers dachshund competitions and contestants, who carry 35 pounds of beer on the obstacle course. Wells said that although Tulsa is home to Tulsa International Airport, private flights to such cities also have advantages.

“Traveling to many international airports often requires passengers to stay at one or more airports before arriving at the destination, which can significantly reduce travel time,” Wells said. “Private charter flights allow you to return to the airport for long stays and the time spent on the security line.”

Well-known cities on the top of the list include San Francisco in Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver and Edison, Texas. All three celebrations begin between September 19th and September 22nd. Wells said that if you want to visit these three cities, renting a private jet to explore the city is the best way to hit multiple cities on a weekend without staying at the main airport for hours.