Fernando Ricksen’S Brother Pedro Reveals Rangers Legend Urged Him You Must Visit Before He Died

May 5, 2019

Emotional Pedro Ricksen talks about his “relief”, and he hopes to restore trouble with his brother Fernando before the heartbreaking death of the wanderer legend.

Pedro, 39, admitted to clashing with his “stubborn” older siblings and said they would not talk to each other for a few months.

But the football coach revealed that they managed to make up for the rift. He even flew a hospice hospital from the Netherlands, and Fernando lost his six-year battle with motor neuron disease just 43 years ago.

In an exclusive speech to The Sun, Pedro said: “I have a lot with Fernando. We will fight, but when we were in high school, he was 17 years old and we were closer.

“We are all football players. When he goes to AZ Alkmaar and Rangers, I always look up to him.

“But for years, he was very stubborn, because you are a brother, you sometimes quarrel. He struggled with his ex-wife, Graciela, when he wanted to live alone.

“We will not talk to each other for months, but in the end, we always respect each other.

“It was a relief before we died, and it was a relief. I am gratified that I went to see him before the end.”

“I always wanted to go, but I kept going. He sent me a text message saying ‘You must come’ in the summer, so I know I need to go.”

“I am not sure if it is because he knows that he is dying.

“But he doesn’t know that I am coming. I call the hospice and say, ‘Don’t say anything to my brother.’

“I can see that when I walked inside, he was very excited. I saw his tears.”

Fernando and Pedro grew up in Heerlen, the Netherlands, and they were very young in their 20s.

Former Pedro had stayed there even when the Fernando brothers won the trophy at Ibrox because he had tested at Hearts and Partick Thistle.

He had previously told him that Fernando and his 64-year-old mother, Anneke, had a profound influence on Gers, and he was “shameful”.

After mending their differences, Pedro was desperate for the recent incurable muscle atrophy and his brother’s use of the Stephen Hawking voice box, which made him feel desperate.

He even told his 42-year-old wife, Angelique, that he could no longer face the visit of St. Andrew’s Hospice Hospital, Airdrie, because it was too broken.

Pedro added: “It was very difficult to see him at the end. His body is not as old as before.

“It’s difficult to talk to him because you’re not used to waiting for ten seconds to reply.

“It’s much slower. He is lying in bed. I went there for five days. I went to talk to him every morning.”

“In the afternoon, I was honored to go to the Wanderers Academy to cover up their coaches.

“I have to go back to Fernando at night. It’s hard to see him lying there and doing nothing. He is so helpless, but I can’t do anything about it.

“He needs those great nurses to do a lot of work. It’s hard to see him can’t use his arm and struggle with his eyes.

“I called my wife and said it was difficult to see my brother.

“He always says ‘I’m glad you’re here every morning’. Then I told my wife that I can’t go there anymore. It’s too hard.”

Pedro told him how to visit Angeke, Angelique, their son Dean (8 years old) and stepmother Mia Faas before the funeral. Fernando’s favorite places for Scots, including Ibrox.

In the former German captain’s Ibrox Shrine, they wore high-heeled shirts, scarves and flowers, and took photos.

The family also visited Fernando’s old apartment in Finnieston, another place near Newton Mearns and the Royal Exchange Square, where they used to have dinner. . Pedro then worked with his brother’s former bear teammates Nacho Novo, Michael Mols and Thomas Buffel at the funeral last month. Heavy duty.

After a game of interest in Fortuna Sittard, the ace of the Dutch club, in 2014, Pedro embraced Fernando in an emotional scene, he said it was him. The most difficult moment of your life.

When Fernando’s funeral mourners made their final journey through Ibrox, he paid tribute to thousands of fans.

He said: “The past few weeks have been very difficult – he is my brother. It is a roller coaster.

“The funeral and his death are the toughest days of my life. I was moved by tears all day.

“It is so beautiful to see the support he received. I know that he is an important figure in Glasgow, but I don’t know that he is so big. I know that there will be many people in Ibrox on the day of the funeral, but the actual number is unbelievable.

“The scenery Ibox saw was very beautiful. It was incredible to see so many streets. Even the workers stood still and paid tribute.

“That’s too exciting. You can’t see it in the Netherlands. It shows me how big it is.”

He added: “This is very exciting for me and my mother.

“It’s hard to have no brother at this age, but it may be 100 times hard for my mother to bury her son in front of her.”

We told how the 2003 trio champion Fernando died on September 18.

Grieving wife Veronika, 33, wept as she paid tribute to her “soulmate” at his funeral service in Hillhead, Glasgow. The couple had lived with daughter Isabella, seven, in Valencia, Spain.