Easyjet Passengers Kicked Off Flight After Throwing Punches In Cabin Getting Plane Diverted

October 8, 2019

An EasyJet plane flying to the Canary Islands of Spain made an emergency landing in Portugal. It is reported that several men began to throw a punch on the plane, triggering a chain reaction of a series of bad behavior.

According to reports, the fighting broke out on Thursday afternoon, only a few hours from the flight from Manchester, England to Tenerife. According to eyewitnesses, the four men caused turmoil when they started fighting in the back of the plane, causing the flight attendant to move one forward.

However, the solution did not last because the man then ran back to his place and continued to fight with other men.

The video inside the cabin showed that the flight attendant tried to break the tense confrontation between the two, and the passenger looked up at the two angry pilots to stop.

“There are children on the plane!” You can hear a woman yelling.

Another voice claimed that one of the men “spitted the woman” while others appreciated the “disgusting” behavior.

The voice added: “Nothing is respected.”

An eyewitness told SWNS: “When the next group fights, things start first. The fists are thrown, and the flight attendants break them.”

He explained: “But then they started again, and the passengers actually intervened to calm them down. A woman blocked the way, but a man spit in her eyes. It was disgusting.”

Once the crew announced that the flight would be transferred to Faro, Portugal, another group of men (who are believed to be traveling with the bachelor) allegedly made the flight attendant complain loudly, even with the original dispute from the SWNS.

Witnesses said: “When he started to squeeze the drink from the front of the plane, one of them was in trouble. It was bedridden.”

After landing in Faro, security personnel removed seven people from the plane. Shots taken from inside the aircraft show that the person is struggling with someone on the escort and then escorting it away.