Don’T Judge Democrats On A Take-It-To-Trump Scale

September 24, 2019

The Democratic Party will be strung together but will not face each other. The real question is who will provide the least amount of ammunition for Trump’s attack aircraft.

Who can bring it to President Donald Trump? This is the expert, cable TV presenters and many Democratic voters who are constantly stalking as the campaigns heat up in 2020 and the next debate is coming to an end.

This problem is flawed. No one may have had too many opportunities to bring it to Trump. The sooner Democrats realize that their better performance in choosing the best presidential candidate.

In CNN, host Chris Cuomo recently talked about Democratic leader Joe Biden in a standard way and asked the guest, “Do you think he can come together with Trump?” The problem portrays what we have already envisaged. Photographs of several months: The current Trump and the Democratic candidate have fought a series of battles, like the gladiators in a group of rings – or perhaps just like the “dance with the stars” contestants.

The truth is that Democratic and Republican presidential candidates usually only debate two or three times before each election. Why do you assume that Trump will agree even one in 2020?

Struggling, but not at the stage of debate
Trump will hold a rally in a large venue to take advantage of the special advantages of the presidency, where possible, to support travel and the ground. He will continue to play with his base as always, and he will rely on the door-to-door reports of Fox News’s friends. Vice President Mike Burns will do most of the heavy work in the smaller market, as will Donald Trump and his girlfriend, former Fox news host Kimberly Gil Foyle. The two Trumps will distort the Democratic candidates without mercy, but this will not happen during the debate or face to face. Therefore, the Democratic Party’s question is not “Who can bring it to Trump?” But who will provide the least amount of ammunition for Trump’s attack aircraft?

For all Democrats, especially in the debate on the top ten candidates on Thursday night, it was a temptation to at least partially evaluate Trump. As early as June, California Senator Kamala Harris won praises – and a short-term poll – when she targeted Biden, his bus record was also the same. If she can argue with the former vice president, then her idea is that she might have everything to fight with Trump. In July, New Jersey Senator Corey Booker had the opportunity to confront Biden in criminal justice. Booker is also acclaimed for showing the resilience that many believe is necessary to defeat Trump.