Cowboys Expect Michael Bennett To Stand For The National Anthem

February 22, 2020

Michael Bennett has been protesting during the national anthem.

The newly acquired Dallas Cowboys defensive end as a member of the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles during the national anthem protested police brutality and social injustice, and remained in the locker room as a member of the New England Patriots during the national anthem.

Under the leadership of Cowboy owner Jerry Jones, neither of these approaches is feasible.

Jerry Jones clearly expressed expectations
Now that he has been traded from the Patriots, this expectation also applies to Bennett.

Jones said in a regular season of 105.3 fans on Tuesday: “I am very happy. At Michael, we have a player who knows how to play with the cowboys.”

According to reports, Bennett agreed to participate in the transaction.
The Dallas Morning News reported on Tuesday that Bennett and the Cowboys “have reached a consensus,” and he will support the national anthem before he took the deal from New England to Dallas last week.

When asked about this question, head coach Jason Garrett spoke about the issue at a press conference on Tuesday.

Like Jones, he did not explicitly express his hope that Bennett would stand up. But the news is clear: Bennett is expected to gain a foothold.

When Garrett talked about Bennett’s protest history, “We don’t think this will be a problem.” “We are very happy that he can come here.”

When asked to clarify his statement, Garrett responded to Jones.

Garrett said: “We expect him to do the same for all of us.”