Caribbean Tourism Group and environmental leaders pledge to collaborate on climate action on Earth Day

April 15, 2020

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) and the Nature Conservation Association (TNC) participated in Earth Day (April 22) to share their willingness to work together to get rid of the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis and help rebuild A stronger and stronger vibrant Caribbean region to protect the environment and the people who depend on it.
CHTA President, President Patricia Affonso-Dass, a leading association of Caribbean private sector tourism companies, said that reopening the region ’s closed tourism sector is an important opportunity to directly address the challenges posed by climate change. “The biggest challenge to the future of the Caribbean and the life security system has made our region suitable for our people to live in, and therefore attracts tourists from all over the world.”

Affonso-Dass recognized the actions that organizers called for to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day to combat climate change. He pointed out the contribution of the hospitality industry and tourism to climate issues and the Caribbean ’s efforts to eliminate climate Change disrupts the actions taken. She said: “The” Climate Action “message from Earth Day reminds us that companies, organizations and governments must take responsible actions. There are enough opportunities to respond to and reduce any negative environmental impacts of travel.”

Caribbean islands are one of the most vulnerable islands in the world to climate change. It is expected that the frequency and intensity of storms, floods, wind disasters and sea level rise will all deteriorate. This poses a threat to the island ’s infrastructure and people who are home to the Caribbean. Multinational companies have been working to protect the Caribbean from the effects of climate change by promoting the protection and restoration of coastal habitats (such as mangroves and coral reefs) to reduce risk, and helping governments, partners and communities implement priority sustainable development initiatives. nature.

Rob Brumbaugh, executive director of the multinational company Caribbean Branch, said that this year ’s Earth Day provides these two organizations with an excellent opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to take action to grow nature and humanity together. . “The Caribbean is more dependent on tourism than anywhere else in the world. Tourism relies on healthy and prosperous natural ecosystems to maintain tourism. By working together, we can move towards building a more climate-smart Caribbean and protecting the natural environment Advance. Beautiful area, “.

Affonso-Dass argued that dangerous carbon emissions, neglect of natural resources and poverty are the main factors that cause environmental degradation, and pointed out that sustainable tourism education and effective communication are powerful Poverty alleviation and protection tools. She said that these tools provide communities with the resources needed to improve lives and the environment, thereby attracting tourists and generating income.

“Our cooperation with TNC and its impressive science-based protection record allows us to develop our methods more strategically to ensure that the natural resources of our Caribbean destinations are enhanced-because we recognize Tourism is the main source of income in our region, and it can only thrive if our coasts, beaches, oceans, forests, flora and fauna, and our people also thrive. “

Brumbagh said: “In order to create a climate-resilient Caribbean region, we need to take steps to mitigate climate change through better technology and business practices and nature-based solutions. We need to better understand what nature can do Function to absorb excess carbon and help communities adapt to climate change. This is essential for responsible tourism development. “

Affonso-Dass lamented the huge amount of emissions generated by aviation and sea travel, but the progress made by the aviation industry through the reduction of fuel consumption of aircraft and the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels has made the aviation industry progress. Encouragement: We were welcomed by our guests and our members by improving efficiency. They have made great progress in reducing their carbon footprint. They have seen how these measures to mitigate climate change can also increase efficiency and income. “

Both organizations agreed that the “Earth Day” awareness in the Caribbean should extend far beyond April 22, and urged to play an active role in raising awareness of climate action while there is still time.

These organizations announced: “We are rejoicing in clean air, pristine waters and sparkling forests, so we will work together to protect these natural gemstones on Earth Day and beyond. Through our cooperation, we are determined to ensure our The tourism-friendly Caribbean region is also a climate-friendly Caribbean region. “