California Wildfires Cause Air Quality to Drop to Dangerously Low Levels

November 19, 2019

Wildfires that have swept through California in the past few weeks have been largely controlled. However, officials warned that Golden State has not completely escaped the danger.

Ventura County Fire Chief Steve Kaufmann told the Los Angeles Times: “We are almost at the end of the sweep.” He pointed out that the latest fire-Maria fire has reached 70% of the fire. It broke out on Thursday night.

According to Cal Fire, as of Sunday night, the Kincade fire has burned 78%, the fire destroyed 78,000 acres near Sonoma County and destroyed at least 370 buildings. However, even if this level of restriction is reached, the Los Angeles Times still explains that many residents are still under evacuation orders and are unable to return home.

Unfortunately, although statewide firefighters have made incredible efforts to contain the fire, Mother Nature may have other plans.

National Weather Service Sacramento said in a tweet: “We are looking for potential for drying and warming in mid-November, until mid-November, NorCal in the inland area can be used.”

We are looking for conditions that may last until mid-November when the NorCal room is drier and warmer than normal. #cawx

-NWS Sacramento (@NWSSacramento) November 4, 2019
Meteorologist Kathy Hoxsie of the National Weather Service also told the Los Angeles Times that residents of the state need to be vigilant.

“The fire situation still exists,” Horsi said. The National Weather Service added that these conditions include low air quality in some areas.

All residents are advised to use it cautiously, especially those with heart or lung disease. The service department stated: “Depending on the situation, the elderly and children should avoid prolonged contact, strenuous activities or fatigue.”