Building a Luxury Getaway – How Hotels Manage Renovations to Limit Disruption

October 4, 2019

You may have lived some of the best hotels in the world, but have you stopped to think about making a plan? We often think that the luxury goods provided by the hotel are taken for granted. Only when these comforts are not available can we know exactly how much effort employees and hotels need to make your stay comfortable. While the best hotels try to minimize disruption, sometimes your vacation may be interrupted by construction work.

Of course, once you stay away from this situation, you can understand that in the long run, any short-term interruption is worthwhile, especially if you are an ordinary person. Even if you are not, many of the world’s top hotels will embark on refurbishment projects to maintain relevance and cater to the changing tastes of the world’s elite.

For example, if you compare Singapore’s iconic Raffles Hotel (pictured) with the situation more than 100 years ago, it is very different. After two years of refurbishment, in 2017, designer Champalimaud added a modern and subtle style throughout the process. The show’s stars are the new restaurant concept from Alain Ducasse and Anne-Sophie Pic.

Decoration list
To complete this transformation, those who like it need planning and money. Although the cost will vary, each luxury hotel must consider the same thing when planning a retrofit.

Time scale and interruption
To ensure the comfort and happiness of your guests, any refurbishment project needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible, and it is important to minimize interference. According to Paul Van Meerendonk, working hours are often more important than spending time. In his view, this work should be carried out in a traditionally slower business period. More importantly, hoteliers need to consider external factors, such as new hotels opened in the surrounding area, to limit the financial impact of the renovation.

Builders and insurance
Multiple quotes from multiple construction companies are critical, but contractor insurance is often overlooked. By employing a suitably covered team of construction workers, the hotel can protect itself and its guests from any potential risks. Although different areas vary, building insurance is usually a legal requirement. Public safety is always a problem, so hotels need to make sure they hire competent insurance workers.

Communication, communication, communication
Having a reliable action plan, the right team and enough money to pay for the job is crucial. However, it is worthwhile to cover a hotel at all bases while maintaining sufficient information for existing and potential guests. From the notifications around the hotel to the notes and booking receipt information on the travel website, the hotel should seize every opportunity to let the guests know what happened.

Inconvenient decoration but essential
Tourism, especially high-end tourism, is highly competitive. With the competition of companies such as Airbnb, the increasing cost of flight and the increased demand from the public, hotel operators need to consider many factors.

In order to build a dream destination, you need to carefully plan and manage multiple mobile parts to ensure that you enjoy your vacation without any interruption. Top hoteliers are the owners, which is why they are still impressed even if they are not operating at 100%.