Brock Lesnar Saves Hulk Hogan In Private Jet After Legend’s Emergency Landing On Way To Saudi Arabia

February 21, 2020

According to reports, WWE legends made an emergency landing on their way to Saudi Arabia, and BROCK LESNAR rescued Hulk Hogan with a private jet.

Hogan, a 66-year-old experienced wrestler, must take part in the Crown Jewel incident in Saudi Arabia during an emergency emergency landing in Iceland.

Hogan and former WWE superstar Jimmy Hart and his close friend Ric Flair reveal how the aircraft tires burst and the brakes melted.

On Instagram, the Hulk showed that the “partner” from Minnesota had also stayed in Iceland at the same airport and told the wrestler to board.

According to PWInsider Hogan, the friend is the current WWE Global Champion Lesnar, who decided to take his own plane to Riyadh.

Flair was not mentioned on social media because he competed with Hulkamania on the screen.

But Lesnar had a successful amateur wrestling career at the University of Minnesota before signing with WWE, a clue to Hogan’s mysterious friend.

The World Champion will defend his belt against the UFC legend Cain Velasquez.

Their competition dates back to 2010, when Lesnar lost his UFC heavyweight title to a veteran of the octagonal in a demolition.

But nine years later, Velasquez retired from MMA and turned his attention to WWE’s professional wrestling career. The previous two games were Mexico’s promotion to Triple-A.

On the night of the boxing match, heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury also completed the crossover and wrestled with Braun Strowman.