Breeders’ Cup Santa Anita In The Spotlight After Racehorse Welfare Concerns

February 20, 2020

At the opening ceremony of the 36th “Planner Cup”, all the noisy and warm smiles were there, but the nervousness behind the scenes was nervous.

This is because the preparations for the $28 million (22 million pounds) “Horse World Championship” in Santa Anita, California, were carried out in a more spectacular setting than the distant San Gabriel Mountains, but It’s much ugly.

Since the beginning of 2018, this historic track has been found in the sight of the Welfare Storm after the death of 60 horses, whether it was during the training period – 1,800 stable tracks – or during the race – Accidental turf occurred in both the soil and the soil.

The protests against animal rights have become commonplace, and the California authorities have also been involved, and the general media, which is usually indifferent, has also spoiled the event. The state’s regulator, the California Racing Commission, will release its findings before Christmas.

The owner, the Stronach Group, was once accused of putting the profits (the number of fixtures) into production before safety, thus shutting down the store. After reopening, whip, veterinarians, and vital drug regulations (as far behind European regulations as most other parts of the US) were tightened.

Things have improved significantly, but the death toll has fallen further, albeit at a much lower mortality rate.

The Breeders’ Cup has drawn global attention around the world, and officials worry that during the tenth event of the two-day event in St. Anita, any contestant – more than 30 players from Europe – could do anything.

However, Aidan O’Brien’s trainers are satisfied with the measures taken, and his team is located in County Tipperary, which is half of the transatlantic traveler.

He said: “We know that everyone is doing their best and is doing everything they can.

“We are very confident that they will have [conditions] as much as possible.”

Although star magician Magical is absent and is no longer participating in the competition, the challenge of O’Brien is still the lead of some famous people in the 2019 season.

Epsom Derby champion Anthony Van Dyck was listed as a major contender in the Breeders Cup on Saturday. Earlier in the day, the mile was the goal of O’Brien’s circus Maximus.

Arizona has performed very well in the season’s outstanding two-year-old Pinatubo and Earthlight, and he participated in the youth turf competition on Friday.

Some other names to note…

On the first day of another Irish coach Jessie Harrington, Albigna and jockey Shane Foley participated in the Junior Fice Turf Competition, which will It is a year of good harvest.
Richard Hannon/Sean Levey’s jockey-journey group won the King of Change at Ascot’s British Championship Day. The popular top score now hopes to rule Philippe and Marley’s second day of turf competition on the international stage with thousands of Guinean champion Billesdon Brook in 2018.
In addition to the circus Maximus (circus), rider Ryan Moore will ride on the Niarchos family’s silks, and there is a strong European team in the mile. A pair of Lord O’Meara trained Lord Glitters and Suedois, as well as space travellers (Richard Fahey) from Yorkshire’s horse shire set off.
Born in the UK, Sophie Doyle tried to be the third winner of the Brades Cup competition when he was with the popular street band in the Distaff match on Saturday. Female jockey. If successful, Chicago-based top jockey James’s sister Doyle will be honored with Julie Krone and Rosie Napravnik.
Since the turf competition trained by Aidan O’Brien, he hopes that Anthony Van Dyck will be lucky since he won the Derby Grand Prix in June, but this game has been placed. Unstoppable great hope. Trained by Chad Brown, Bricks and Mortar were unbeaten in six games – although perhaps important, he has never been tested within half a mile of the game.
In the end, the owners of the main contenders of Saturday’s Filly and the stallion’s daughter, Mare Sprint, gave their own Coffefe (Covfefe). When you name it, you really have a prank. The term Covfefe was mistaken for a negative “coverage” in a late-night Twitter roar of Donald Trump and is now synonymous with social media vulnerabilities in the United States. And, as you asked, this horse’s certificate is by no means fake.